Breaking Multi-State Human Trafficking Operation BUSTED

Breaking Multi-State Human Trafficking Operation BUSTED

A multi-state operation fighting against human trafficking has concluded after more than one hundred arrests were made and forty-seven victims were rescued, including two minors.

As part of a 12-state effort to crack down on human trafficking, the months long investigation involved undercover law enforcement who posed as victims in order to identify buyers and traffickers, and state and local agencies who arranged meetings with potential victims.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt made an announcement after the arrests were made and victims were rescued in his state, saying that the multi-state operation would not have been successful without the help they received from local, state, and federal agencies in all twelve states that were involved.

“When we all come together, we can affect change and more effectively fight human trafficking, a crime that often is multi-jurisdictional in nature,” Schmitt said.

The Attorney General also sent out a tweet about the successful operation, writing: “Earlier today, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office led 11 other states in Operation United Front, rescuing 47 and arresting 102 – this is a testament to what can happen when we all work together.”

Schmitt also noted that this operation is just one of many of the long ongoing processes necessary in human trafficking cases, and confirmed that there would be more operations like “United Front” in the future.

According to reporting from One America News, “He went on to say this success not only comes from the teamwork of multi-state agencies, but also between businesses. He said with the other 11 states coming together and their coordination to execute at the same time, this operation should set the bar for other states to model human trafficking cases in the future.”

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