Breaking: SCOTUS News in Favor of Trump


It’s about time former President Donald Trump got a break from the Supreme Court. SCOTUS tossed a pair of lawsuits into the dumpster which Democrats will promptly set on fire and dance around. Trump did not “unconstitutionally profit” from his presidency.

SCOTUS tossed frivolous suits

How much profit Joe Biden made from his Vice Presidency remains to be seen, but SCOTUS isn’t looking at that. Many consider the pay-for-play family scheme that Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother James Biden were running to sell access to the “big guy” to be grounds for impeachment. That won’t work though.

Not in a system where the New World Order is in control of the whole ball of wax. The Democrats learned how to play rock-paper-scissors with all three hands to cancel out the checks and balances written into what used to be called the Constitution.

Anti-Trump liberals weren’t happy riding former President Donald Trump out on a rail, they had to tar and feather him too. SCOTUS didn’t fall for it.

They agree that the cases have no practical consequences and weren’t worth the ink used to type them. A howling pack of disgruntled progressive businesses, including hotels and restaurants teamed up with the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia to file the frivolous action.

Without a shred of evidence to back them up, the whiny liberals were triggered enough to bother SCOTUS because, allegedly, “Trump as president benefited from a stream of foreign and state government officials who patronized his properties, including the Trump International Hotel in Washington.”

Capitalism is a dirty word in D.C., along with the phrase, “election integrity.” You may get shot through the lungs for uttering that one.

No leg to stand on

Just like President Trump’s team of lawyers kept running up against the issue of ‘standing’ every time they tried to get SCOTUS to actually look at their evidence, the Democrats got a taste of their own medicine.

The key question boiled down to “who, if anyone, could sue to enforce the emoluments clauses.” Lower courts packed full of progressive judges don’t care who files it if Trump is the defendant. “Lower courts in both cases said the plaintiffs had legal standing.”


Over in the SCOTUS chambers, they actually take a hard look at the law. It never has been easy to get them to consider a case because of the intricate way they do business and try to only take the solid cases which define the law.

They aren’t there to settle petty disputes. It didn’t take long for the panel to rule on Monday that no matter how much they screamed or jumped up and down, they still didn’t have a legal leg to stand on.

SCOTUS also wasn’t about to let the Democrats use the suit as an excuse for an illegal fishing expedition into Donald Trumps finances.

As Bloomberg writes, “had the suits gone forward while Trump was president, the plaintiffs might have been able to force him to turn over some of his business records.”

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