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The frantic search for Gabby Petito ended when a body was discovered Sunday in Wyoming at the Spread Creek Dispersed Camping Area, in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Brian Laundrie, Gabby’s boyfriend, has been acting really sketchy and disappeared. His parents sent police out to search a local Florida swamp for him but the FBI came back on Monday to question them some more and raid their house instead.

Full Police Body Cam Footage

More twists to Petito case

According to the FBI, the remains match the description. The Medical Examiner hasn’t made it official but the family has been notified and everyone is convinced it’s her. They haven’t released a cause of death yet and “FBI investigators surrounded and entered Laundrie’s parents’ home in North Port.”

They did it “as part of a ‘court-authorized search warrant’ related to the Petito case.” On the morning of September 20, the fugitive boyfriend’s parents “were escorted from the home before the search and then were brought back inside for questioning.”

Police are certain that Brian Laundrie “returned to the Florida home without Petito.” When cops showed up at his door, he “declined to talk to investigators and then went missing last week.” He managed to lawyer up too. Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino “called the discovery of remains in Wyoming ‘heartbreaking,’ adding: ‘The Laundrie family prays for Gabby and her family.'”

For days, the police and federal officials have been fighting off snakes and alligators combing the nearby swamp. It’s officially designated as the Carlton Reserve in Sarasota County.

Laundrie’s family reported that their son “left home with his backpack Tuesday and told them he was going to a local nature reserve.”

After scouring the swamp for days using “drones and bloodhounds who used articles of Laundrie’s clothing taken from his home to get his scent,” they went back to the family home for more clues. He’s not yet officially a suspect in the murder of 22-year-old Petito but they really want to have a chat with him.

He came back without her

Laundrie “returned to his home in North Port, Florida, with their van but without Petito on September 1,” police inform. They had been “traveling the American West in a van this summer.”

Gabby “had been excited to share her journey with her family and others on social media” but “communication abruptly stopped around the end of August.”

Along their journey, on August 12, they had an encounter with police in Moab, Utah. They were having a domestic dispute and after the cops sorted thing out, Gabby turned out to be the aggressor.

Petito was punching him and grabbing his arm on the steering wheel with a trooper behind them. Of course they were stopped. The entire bodycam video is available to the public.

Moab police reported “both the male and female reported they are in love and engaged to be married and desperately didn’t wish to see anyone charged with a crime” They went their separate ways for the night, with her keeping the van and Brian checking in to a hotel.

On August 24, Petito FaceTimed with her mother and told her she was leaving Utah and heading to the Teton range in Wyoming. Texts came in over the next three days but her parents think Brian sent the last one “No service in Yosemite.”

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