BOMBSHELL REPORT: Biden Received Staggering Amounts of Untraceable ‘Dark Money’

dark money biden

Joe Biden has broken a record for “dark money” donations during a presidential campaign, according to a report from Bloomberg News released on January 24.

Biden took in a record of $145 million in “dark money,” which is a term referring to donations from anonymous donors to outside groups backing a candidate. These donations are very difficult for the public to track or discover the source.

According to Bloomberg, the $145 million is the all-time record for a candidate challenging an incumbent president. President Trump only received $28 million in donations that can be classified as “dark money.”

Democrats have called for an end to dark money donations, stating that it is difficult for the American people to see where the money is coming from. Yet, Democrats seem to receive a lot of dark money donations.

Priorities USA, a pro-Biden outside spending group, defended their dark money donations in a statement. “We weren’t going to unilaterally disarm against Trump and the right-wing forces that enabled him,” the group’s chairman, Guy Cecil, said.

Biden’s $145 million tops RINO presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s $113 million in dark money donations from his 2012 presidential campaign against former President Barack Obama.

This is just another piece of evidence showing that Democrats do not practice what they preach. They call for unity while trying to destroy the lives and careers of those who disagree with them. They call for peace while left-wing activists from groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter riot, loot, and commit violence during “protests.” They call for an end to dark money while taking millions in dark money donations.

The left-wing mainstream media certainly won’t report on these issues, and Democrat voters don’t seem to do any research for themselves. Will these voters ever pay enough attention to notice these double standards? Or do they already know, and not care?

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