Bombshell Election Fraud Info Was Just Released


Buried deep within the details of the Arizona State Senate Audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 Election was a hidden bombshell that is only coming to light days after the report’s release to the public. CyberNinjas, the firm hired by the Senate to conduct the audit, cross-referenced the Final Voted File of the election or VM55 against the commercially available Personator Tool by the Melissa Data Corporation, a Top-tier database firm used by dozens of prominent corporations such as Bank of America, Nationwide, P&G, FedEx, academic institutions such as Harvard and even the US Department of Commerce with 35 years of experience. The result was extremely disconcerting. While CyberNinjas insists that “It is expected that most if not all of these individuals are in fact real people with a limited public record and commercial presence.”, no amount of caveats or disclaimers can lessen the impact of their finding: 86,391 people who ‘voted’ in the 2020 election “were found with NO RECORD IN THE DATABASE for either their name or anyone with the same last name at the address in the VM55file.”

The Hidden Bombshell In CyberNinja’s Findings

CyberNinja’s explained, “Personator is a best-in-class identity and address validation tool. It confirms that an individual is associated with an address, indicates prior and current addresses, tracks when and where the individual moves, tracks date-of-birth and Nationa Change of Address (NCOA) service, and the Social Security Administration’s Master Death List.”

The Gateway Pundit drilled down into the particulars as well and made a startling discovery about the 86,391 ‘voters’:

“The ones registered as Democrat or selected no party affiliation represent a whopping 73.8% of these unknown voters. “

They also provided some much-needed context to the discussion, noting that Arizona passed Prop 200 in 2004 requiring proof of citizenship in order to vote on an Arizona State Ballot, even updating the voter registration form to meet the new standard. This resulted in “tens of thousands” of registrations sitting in the County Recorders office which required proof of citizenship, they were notified by mail to do so and their registrations were held indefinitely. Why weren’t they ever completed? Because Democrats like Adrian Fontes sued and the AZ Supreme Court ruled that the County would have to accept “Federal Only” forms that didn’t require voter ID or Citizenship proof, but could only vote in Federal elections, so that’s what the Democrats did. To this day, “Democrats exclusively use the Fed Form in AZ to bypass citizenship and other ID issues.”

Jim Hoft wrote,

“After the 2018 election the Maricopa Board of Supervisors realized they had serious problems with elections and corruption. Their investigators found that all elections staff answered to County Recorder Fontes and the Board had no insight into elections. So in June of 2019 the Board added a second “Director of Elections” role. One Director now answers to the Supervisor Board, the other to the County Recorder. Fontes provided no resistance to the changes because he retained unaccountable control of VRAS, the voter registration system for Maricopa. These are the keys to the kingdom. Fontes then coordinated with Democrat SOS Katie Hobbs to process those boxes of non-citizen applications and get them into the AZ voter rolls.”

As a result, “From the 2018 midterm election to the Nov. 2020 election, Maricopa added a massive 340,676 new voter registrations. That’s a whopping 13.1% increase in just two years.”

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