Lets Get Some Things Straight About Allen West


Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.), Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and former Congressman representing Florida has been diagnosed along with his wife Angela with COVID19. Mrs. West was vaccinated for COVID19 while Lt. Col. West was not, reflecting his view that vaccination is indeed a personal choice. This comes at an interesting time as West has recently announced his campaign for Texas Governor and this will cause him to withdraw from the campaign trail out of an abundance of caution. What has been particularly striking is how poorly the mainstream media and Twitter have handled the situation.

West posted several Twitter threads addressing the situation beginning October 9th and as it unfolded the mainstream media seemed to continually fumble whether or not West had been vaccinated or his wife had been. Although far more disturbing is the inhuman manner in which leftist Twitter trolls seem to delight in the misfortune, illness, discomfort, and yes, even death of their ideological opponents.  Many comments against Lt.Col. West were foul, and unnervingly immoral and will not be reproduced here.

In a particularly lengthy thread unrolled via threadapp, West wrote,

1/ Greetings, and good Monday morning to everyone from Medical City – Plano.

I pray those all across North Texas survived the severe storms last night with no issues.

2/ I also want to wish all my dear friends of American Italian descent a Happy Columbus Day. Yeah, I said it. You cancel culture chuckleheads just stifle yourselves.
3/ I do want to send a shout out to Rob and MeLisa Gingrich who sent a lovely Get Well card with a special treat, a fresh, warm pecan pie which I shared with the unit staff.
4/ My blood pressure is 126/84. My oxygen saturation level hit 97 at three liters. They took me down to two liters & now decided to take me off oxygen and I am holding up at 94. I am on Budesonide nebulizer treatments and IV steroid therapies for my lungs. My temperature is 98.4.

5/ I have no pain, no coughing, and no fatigue. I just wish I could shave, but they have me on blood thinner to prevent any clots. Doggone, starting to look unkept!
6/ I noticed this weekend especially that the government is running propaganda commercials of people who lost loved ones to COVID saying they wish they had taken the shot. This level of manipulative deception must end.
7/ Why not promote protocols such as Regeneron monoclonal antibody infusion therapy? Why not promote Budesonide nebulizer treatments? Why not promote healthy over the counter therapies such as zinc — which I take — D3, vitamin C, Hydroxychloroquine, and yes, Ivermectin?
8/ I am thankful that the medical professionals here at Medical City listened to me . . . not some boiler plate CDC, Dr Fauci, or Texas Medical Board mandates.
9/ I am not a conspiracy theorist but something very nefarious is at work here , and the innocent blood of Texans are on some dirty, corrupt hands. I promise y’all, as Governor of Texas, I will find those hands and ensure they’re held accountable.
10/ There will certainly be changes coming to agencies such as the Texas Medical, Pharmacy, and Nursing boards. God’s blessings, Lt. Col. Allen West

West Isn’t Afraid to Call The Left Out In No Uncertain Terms

In response to admonishments from the left such as MSNBC’s Joy Reid saying that he is “Right of Attila the Hun” West released a statement excoriating those who would deprive Texans of their sacred right of sovereignty over our their bodies.

“As Governor of Texas, I will vehemently crush anyone forcing vaccine mandates in the Lone Star State. There are far better protocols that individual citizens can utilize and decide for themselves. Our bodies are our last sanctuary of liberty and freedom. I will defend that for everyone, even the progressive socialist jackasses who must be saved from themselves.

A Governor West would not let federal agencies or private corporate interests run roughshod over the civil liberties and rights of Texans. Texas and Texans would come first.”

West has since been released from hospitalization and is back to running two-mile jogs daily, he’s reportedly feeling great, Mrs. West was released a few days earlier. The Lt. Colonel in his statement touted treatments and “precautionary measures that can help with combatting COVID-19, such as:  Ozone Therapy , Monoclonal Antibody Infusion , Zinc and Vitamin D Supplements, Ivermectin Treatment and Budesonide Treatment. Coming from someone who just very successfully fought off the virus, his recommendation carries considerable weight and her urged that “All Americans and all Texans deserve the freedom to work with their own doctors, without politicized government intervention.” So these are definitely some options to discuss with your doctor should you contract the virus.


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