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Former National Security Advisor to President Trump, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and retired US Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn has become one of the most prominent and respected voices in the US, steadfastly calling for a comprehensive forensic audit of the 2020 Election. Not only was Flynn supporting Arizona’s Maricopa County Election results which are being released Sep. 24 but rather a nationwide effort. In the run-up to the historic audit’s release, Lt. Gen. Flynn issued a statement to the Arizona Senate which was released by Arizona GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward via Twitter.

Flynn: AZ Senate Decision Could Be “The Last Nail In The Coffin

Lieutenant General Flynn wrote,

To the members of the Arizona State Senate:

“For this country is moving and it must not stop. It cannot stop. For this is a time for courage and a time for challenge. Neither conformity nor complacency will do Neither the fanatics nor the faint-hearted are needed. And our duty as a party is not to our party alone, but to the Nation, and indeed, to all mankind. Our duty is not merely the preservation of political power but the preservation of peace and freedom.”

-Undelivered Speech by JFK 11/22/1963

The Great State of Arizona has undertaken an historic task to audit the 2020 Presidential Election to assess the shortcomings of our election process.

We the People also request that the Arizona Senate consider all other material evidence that arose during this evaluation that was not requested, but would be deemed relevant (information produced by Liz Harris, Jovan Pulitzer, Edward Solomon, and Bobby Piton, among countless others that might not be included in the final report).

Tens of thousands of Patriots across our Nation have been able to replicated and prove similar disturbing results that have been uncovered in Arizona over the past 9 months.

The fate of the United States and the Republic for which it stands along with Freedom and Justice for All is on trial before the world. The enormity of the decision that you are being tasked with rendering will ripple through the ages, and may very well be viewed as the last nail in the coffin of the Idea of Government of the People, by the People, and for the People that President Lincoln spoke about in the Gettysburg Address (11/19/1863).

Our Fundamental Rights as Human Beings can only be assured by Fair and Free Elections that reflect our will as We the People. If a foreign and/or domestic enemy wanted to short circuit the Will of the American People, the easiest and fastest way to do so would be to hijack/corrupt the voting system.

I pray that you are truly aware of the significance of the decision that you are about to make and how it may very well determine if our US Constitution continues to remain the Supreme Document of our beloved United States of America.

The American People

September 21, 2021

Steadfast In Calling For Audits

During a September 10th interview with USAWatchdog Flynn made several massively newsworthy points about the Arizona 2020 Election Audit and the mainstream media has been frantically burying it, which fits nicely with  their desperate obfuscation of the final report of the AZ Audit being released Sep. 24th. The decorated military leader and Intelligence expert called out the enemy by their name quite explicitly.

“The bigger 60,000-foot strategic view is that the country is being taken over by a very small minority of people that we call the Left, which is really a group of Marxists and communists who have decided over decades, and this is not just about Trump, have decided now is the time to do it . . . and they did.”

Flynn also cautioned that should the Arizona State Senate fail to act on the results of the audit, any hope of audits and decertification in other states is essentially dead.

“Because, if they do not decertify, then these other states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and others actually that could do audits, it causes them to go: “Well, you know, if they couldn’t do it, why should we bother”.

Indeed, if nothing comes of all of this, why should any of us bother? The Republic will be officially dead.

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