Biden Panders to Jihadists With Latest Official Statement


The Biden-Harris Regime has reached a new low by pandering to Muslims at the start of Ramadan. The message to the Islamic world and Jihadists alike is ham-fisted, clunky and belabored.

The White House makes several references in Arabic to the Muslim high-holy time and presents a rosy interpretation of American-Islamic relations that is tone-deaf and should be extremely concerning to anyone no-matter their faith. This is the very definition of using someone else’s faith and President Trump’s reasonable precautions against terrorism to virtue signal.

Biden said in the statement,

“The Holy Qur’an reminds us that ‘God is the light of the heavens and earth,’ who leads us out of darkness to the light,” said the president.  “Although our White House festivities will be held virtually this Ramadan, Jill and I look forward to resuming the traditional White House Eid celebration in person next year, inshallah.”

Oh, but then there is the best part that many in the media have glossed over, because it isn’t enough to just respectfully wish American Muslims a pleasant Ramadan, no you need to remind them of their victimhood status.

“But still, Muslim Americans continue to be targeted by bullying, bigotry, and hate crimes.  This prejudice and these attacks are wrong.  They are unacceptable.  And they must stop.  No one in America should ever live in fear of expressing his or her faith.  And my administration will work tirelessly to protect the rights and safety of all people.

On my first day as President, I was proud to end the shameful Muslim travel ban, and I will continue to stand up for human rights everywhere, including for Uyghurs in China, Rohingya in Burma, and Muslim communities all over the world.”

Pandering to China One Day, The Jihadists the Next

Did you catch that? Yes, he said the Uyghurs in China. The White House simply doesn’t seem to care that people have definitely noticed their recent reassurances to Xi Jinping that the United States has no plans to boycott the Beijing Olympics. Nor does Biden have any other intention of challenging the Chinese Communist party for its’ continued manipulation of the World Health Organization, the 2020 Presidential Election or their continued aggression toward Taiwan or interventionist policies in Africa.

That folks, is how you pander to two diametrically opposed threats to our nation at the same time! Because make no mistake, this message may be addressed to American Muslims, but they are not the intended audience, nope. Biden knows that Jihadists in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan are listening and he wants them to know very well that he has absolutely no intention of giving them any trouble.

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