Biden Insider BREAKS SILENCE… SHREDS Biden Campaign

Jill Biden Joe Biden Beto ORourke
“Beto O’Rourke, Jill Biden & Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Jill Biden’s former press secretary let loose right before the debate.

His argument may have sounded good before the debate, but I can guarantee you that he is rethinking his approach now.

Michael LaRosa believes Biden’s campaign is being mismanaged, mostly because they are hiding Biden.

Get Him Out There

LaRosa stated, “Everything looks and feels so choreographed, scripted and controlled that it doesn’t afford him the opportunities to show off his strengths — humor, empathy and compassion.

“Relatability is his superpower, but you can only relate to someone when their humanity is exposed. That means flaws, mistakes and everything else that comes with imperfection.”

LaRosa may actually get his wish, as strange as it sounds.

After Joe Biden’s performance in the debate, he really has no choice but to get out there and let people see him in action.

Biden will have to be full of energy and keep a packed schedule over the next few weeks, so he will live or die on the road.

Biden has already stated that he will not drop out, and that the second debate is on, but I would question if his advisers will allow that to happen.

Biden knows the debate was a disaster, so now he is saying he had a cold and “you can’t debate a liar.”

The only problem is that Biden was the one who lied far more than Trump, and he told one that overshadowed anything that Trump said.

Biden claimed that no soldiers have died on his watch, which is just a horrific lie.

We have lost numerous special operators, training accidents (but they do not count those as combat losses), and the 13 troops that died in Afghanistan.

The Gold Star families during Biden’s watch have already expressed their horror at Biden’s comments, so this man has truly backed himself into a corner on this one.

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