Biden Admin Against the Ropes, Mass Uprising Underway


Faced with a mass uprising of Cubans, who are fed up with the sort of socialist utopia that Democrats want to bring to America, Imperial Leader Joe Biden is hiding from the public. His Wisdom is afraid to explain why the Palace won’t do anything to help our needy neighbors.

Biden ignores Cuban uprising

Trending Politics is convinced that the Imperial Palace is “trying to ‘run out the clock’ so it does not feel compelled to take action.” Everybody wants Joe Biden to do something, anything, “to support the Cuban people’s uprising against the oppressive communist regime.”

He’s been chilling with Kamala and smoking so much of her dope that he can’t remember where he is these days. Folks are starting to talk about having him removed from office for dementia over it.

As “thousands of people are rising up” in America, especially Florida, to support the uprising in Cuba, all they have been talking about is “the Biden administration’s disastrous policy response of doing nothing to aid them.”

Pro-Cuba protesters reportedly “continued their demonstration against the Biden administration’s immoral lack of aid to the freedom fighters” on Monday. Angry former socialists “had begun to gather in Washington D.C. on Sunday night.”

As reported by the Daily Mail, an uprising is beginning to form here too.

“Thousands of anti-Cuban regime protesters gathered outside the White House Sunday and stayed overnight into Monday to pressure Joe Biden to do more to address socialist Miguel Díaz-Canel’s actions against the people of Cuba.”

26th of July Movement

To Cubans, the 26th of July is a very special day. That’s why they wanted to show solidarity with the uprising by marking it. “The group stayed into the night for a planned candlelight vigil at midnight to mark the 26th of July Movement, a Cuban national holiday commemorating the 1953 attack when Fidel Castro led his first attempt to overthrow then-Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.”

Biden and the Imperial Palace are getting exceptionally nervous that deplorable supporters of Once and Future President Donald Trump will get similar ideas. Especially since his unofficial “government in exile” is Florida based, at Mar-a-Lago.

The reason the Cuban uprising is so important here, along with the lack of response from Biden and his handlers is because the communist regime threatens the entire world.

According to Alian Collazo of Largo, Florida, this “is not just a Cuba and Cuban American issue. This is not just a south Florida issue. I think that’s important for the world to know. The Cuban regime is a dangerous regime that destabilizes the world and the Western Hemisphere.”

Trending Politics points out that the “fascinating thing about the Cuba uprising is that the protesters cannot be mislabeled ‘far right’ extremists. The ‘Free Cuba’ movement is obviously protesting decades of ‘far left’ communist oppression in Cuba.” As Dan Bongino reports in a clip tweeted out by Brian Kilmeade, “The Cuban government kills and tortures people” and they are only 90 miles from Key West.

The same socialists who brought you Bernie Sanders have tortured “them, beaten them, politically imprison them for decades. You finally have, again, some semblance of a freedom movement, people speak out. And what do you hear from the White House?” Nada. “It took them, what, five days to say, ‘Hey, you know, political torture, beatings, communism, death and destruction, maybe that’s a bad idea’,” Bongino tacked on. “Five days?”

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