Wow: Patriotic Model Shows Off Her American Flag, and Much More

Patriotic Model Shows Off Her American Flag, and Much More

Patriotic model Elle Johnson has shared some saucy photos in her time on Twitter, but that’s not all she’s focused on. Even when sharing sexy images, Johnson has decided to speak on important issues with a bit of humor.

Johnson’s most recent post called out the lack of manliness among the whiny Democrats at the January 6th Congressional Hearings.

“After watching just a smidgen of the #January6thSelectCommittee hearings today, I will simply say that, if you’re a man and you want to get with a hot woman, you might consider ratcheting back the tears just a tad,” she wrote.

In a separate post, Johnson continued to call out the Jan. 6th commission witnesses, sharing a clip from the Godfather .

“Here’s what some women (not all women) think,” she wrote.

The patriotic model has also shared some sexy pictures celebrating important American holidays, like the 4th of July and Memorial Day.

“Happy #MemorialDay! I love my country. I am humbled by those who fought and died for our freedom,” Johnson tweeted.

“Happy #FourthofJuly!” she wrote in another post, sharing a picture of herself in what appears to be a sports bra and underwear, next to an American flag.

In another patriotic photo, Johnson stands next to the American flag, wearing a red, white, and blue bikini and American flag sunglasses.

The patriotic model also posts funny commentary on current events alongside her pictures.

“All this #inflation is making my boobs look small!” she wrote.

In another funny post, Johnson wrote: “Censoring a certain group’s speech is like refusing to look at one boob. My opinion, anyway. Probably should be censored.”

The patriotic model also commented on the controversy surrounding Georgia’s voter ID law and Major League Baseball’s decision to boycott the state over the law.

I can’t vote in Mexico because I don’t have a national photo id!!! Oh my gosh!! Then again, the sun and tequila are really terrific so I don’t think I care if Cabo ever gets the #MLBAllStarGame,” Johnson wrote.

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