Woke Military Personnel ARRESTED for Being Traitorous Scumbags


Traitorously selling nuclear military secrets to a foreign government is terrible enough but these scumbags are so low they bragged about how “woke” they are. Diana Toebbe has a Facebook page “filled with liberal talking points on the Black Lives Matter movement and feminism.”

Selling military secrets

Jonathan Toebbe didn’t have much time for social media but his wife chattered enough for both of them. It’s clear from her radically feminist and anarchist postings that she’s the one who wears the pants in that family.

It was probably Diana’s greed and nagging which convinced Jonathan that selling military secrets to America’s enemies was a good way to build a retirement nest egg. They took all sorts of precautions but it didn’t matter, because the other end of their treasonous connection had been compromised.

Jonathan had a sweet gig as a nuclear design engineer for the Navy but his income wasn’t enough to keep Diana happy. She wanted to live like a princess.

She’s been charged right along with him for selling secret military information “about nuclear submarines to an undercover FBI agent.”

Diana Toebbe’s “Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram page,” Faux News reports, are riddled with “repeated posts supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.” She was really hot over last year’s “#blackouttuesday.”

She won’t be attending the next one. Both of them were arrested on Saturday, October 9, in West Virginia and are charged with selling military secrets and other “espionage-related charges.” Diana has been fired from her job at the “private Annapolis school, Key School”

Nearly the past year

According to the court documents, “Jonathan Toebbe sold information for nearly the past year to a contact he believed represented a foreign power, but was actually an undercover FBI agent.” Oops. He started his military career with the Navy on October 1, 2012 and was working in Colorado, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Whatever nation he was soliciting knew he was “listed as an active duty nuclear engineering officer and reserve human resources officer.” He hasn’t posted anything since one on Facebook in 2013 but Diana was obviously not a Trump supporter.

One “retweet from the account in 2017, just days after Trump’s inauguration, shows a photo reading, ‘To the rest of the world, due to an insufficient amount of moral courage, America is temporarily out of order. We hope to restore service as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we in the resistance movement join hands with those around the world who realize we are one people. May the forces of good be with us.'”

The FBI relates that the scheme to sell military secrets about “nuclear submarines began in April 2020 when Jonathan Toebbe sent a package of Navy documents to a foreign government and wrote that he was interested in selling operations manuals, performance reports and other sensitive information.”

That message was intercepted. “That package, which had a return address in Pittsburgh, was obtained by the FBI last December through its legal attache office in the unspecified foreign country.” They started a sting operation.

The “monthslong undercover operation” involved “an agent posing as a representative of the foreign government” who set up a contact. “The agent agreed to pay thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency” for the military knowledge. He sent “$10,000 in cryptocurrency to Toebbe, describing it as a sign of good faith and trust.” They had the cameras and microphones all planted ahead of time and “federal agents watched as the Toebbes arrived at an agreed-upon location in West Virginia for the exchange.”

Diana Toebbe “appeared to serve as a lookout for her husband during a dead-drop operation for which the FBI paid $20,000.” What they purchased was “a blue memory card wrapped in plastic and placed in a peanut butter sandwich.” It contained “design elements and performance characteristics of Virginia-class submarine reactors,” with a note that said “I hope your experts are very happy with the sample provided and I understand the importance of a small exchange to grow our trust.” That trust was broken when they slapped the cuffs on.

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