China Lurking Behind Iconic School’s ‘Economic Decisions’


We just found out that UC Berkeley “jointly operated a research center in China that gave economic advice to the Chinese Communist Party.” How convenient. Espionage, take-out style. All neatly packaged up and delivered to your door.

China loves Democrats

The University of California-Berkeley has the distinction of being known as both the “birthplace of the free speech movement” and also the place it went home to die.

Censoring right-wing opinions off the liberal campus was only the beginning. Their progressive program makes them a perfect patsy for China.

The Washington Free Beacon is furious that “the university began operating the Guizhou Berkeley Big Data Innovation Research Center (GBIC) in Sept. 2016 alongside the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Chinese province of Guizhou’s local government.”

It’s okay, they assure. Guizhou may be in China but the town “is relatively poor and underdeveloped.”

Guizhou officials were ecstatic to get the injection of capital.

They put out a press release bragging that “the center began researching big data, technological development, studying industrial innovation, incubation, and training.” Funny how those are exactly what China needs to establish domestic and international dominance.

Positioned to win

Last year, RAND Corporation came to the conclusion that “Beijing has placed a newfound emphasis on big data to increase its political and military standing.” They need it to help spy on their own citizens.

“The Chinese government believes that an increase in big data would help its public security forces,” by beefing up the capabilities of their “Social Credit System.” Also, they can use it to “position China to win future military conflicts.” But that’s only a bonus, they understate.

Back at Berkeley, suntanned bleach-blonde researchers are cheerily providing “data support for the local Chinese government.” They get to have a hand in “making economic decisions and improving public services.” U.S. Taxpayers are funding a university which proudly admits they aided and abetted China.

The whole goal of the program, they boast, was to “develop a state-of-the-art platform for Chinese, US, and international researchers and industry to conduct big data research.” At least, that’s what they used to say before they took it down.

For some spooky reason, the program’s been mothballed. China is a word that gets the same reaction on campus these days as the name “Milo Yiannopoulos.” Screams, followed by a lemming stampede of students for the nearest certified safe space, some Xanax, and a can of Play-Doh.

The GBIC program is “no longer functioning.” When they were, the Department of Education confirms, “the GBIC has funneled nearly $1.9 million to the University of California-Berkeley over the three-year operating period.”

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