US Court Rules in Favor of ‘Ghost Guns’


Progressives are going spastic after a liberal appeals court actually sided with deplorable Second Amendment supporters. Ghost guns are here to stay and there’s nothing liberals can do about it unless SCOTUS decides to weigh in on the matter down the line.

Liberal court believes in ghosts

According to a “divided” panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, anyone can legally post plans for “3D-printed, self-assembled ‘ghost guns'” online without getting permission from the U.S. State Department first.

When liberals talk about the 9th Circuit being “divided” what they’re really talking about is fistfights in the break room, over the outcome of this hot button issue.

It’s not often that the left-leaning court sides with Donald Trump but on Tuesday they “reinstated a Trump administration order that permitted removal of the guns from the State Department’s Munitions List.”

Any weapon listed needs “State Department approval for export.” Ever since 2015, liberal jurisdictions have “applied the requirement to weapons posted online and intended for production on 3D printers.”

When Trump’s State Department got sued over it by a 3D gun company they backed down. That got them sued again. California and 21 other states went back to court. A federal judge in Seattle knocked the ball back to the other side and issued an injunction.

Last year the decision was that “posting the designs without restrictions could put unregistered weapons into the hands of terrorists.” Now, the 9th says “so what?”

A two to one decision

Two members of the appeals court twisted the arm of the third and overturned the injunction. They decided judges need to stay out of State Department business, citing a 1989 federal law which “prohibits courts from overruling the State Department’s decision to add or remove a weapon from the Munitions List.”

The disgruntled liberal justice, Judge Robert Whaley, whines that “the potential increase in accessibility of ghost guns presents ‘a serious threat to public safety’ and noted that the weapons have been linked to several mass shootings.”

Police really dislike the home-assembled, unregistered guns. Especially because “ghost gun parts can be purchased online or 3D printed from blueprints.” Criminals seem to love them too. “Federal figures showed that nearly a third of guns seized in California in 2019 were ghost guns.”

They come in handy for armed robberies and murders because they “generally lack serial numbers, which are used to trace them.” California is trying a new workaround solution which hasn’t been tested in court yet. They are requiring anyone “building a homemade gun to get a serial number or identification mark from the state Department of Justice but there are concerns that the law isn’t being widely followed.”

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