Watch: Lauren Boebert Goes Completely Off on Backstabbing Republicans

Every now and again, a politician is elected who has the unique ability to truly speak for their people. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado has proven once again that she is just that rare breed of Representative.  During a Freedom Caucus Press Conference on July 29th Boebert let fly with a near, five-minute dressing down of Republican-In-Name-Only Reps. Adam Kinzinger (“R”-IL) and Liz Cheney (“R”-WY). In her emotionally-charged indictment of her alleged party colleagues, Boebert outlined their patent disloyalty to their party and constituents, called out the fatal strategic error of their being allowed into closed-door GOP meetings, and DEMANDED their expulsion from the GOP Conference. Kinzinger and Cheney have thrown in with the Democrats and are in permanent hock to Nancy Pelosi anyway, they might as well make it official.

Boebert Takes A Defiant Stand Against Nancy Pelosi’s RINOs

Congresswoman Boebert told the assembled press,

“Why do so many millions of Americans sit at home every day waiting for president trump to come back? Why are so many millions of Americans asking if president trump is going to run again in 2024? Because they are looking for a leader. Americans need someone to lead right now.

I’m honored to serve with the members of the house freedom caucus. And just like my friend congressman perry said: “We are leading on the issues” but we are calling on the leader of this conference to lead with us. Americans need someone who will stand for them, who will fight for them, who will be their voice here at the people’s house. That’s what we are elected to do.

We are elected to secure the rights of Americans. And I’m tired of politicians thinking they can gamble away the rights of American citizens. Ladies and gentlemen when it comes to congress you can caucus, you can conference with Republicans or Democrats. There is no independent conference. There are only two options. Sadly, since coming to Congress in January I’ve seen firsthand that representatives Kinzinger and Cheney have done more to hurt the republican conference than help them while working for Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi.

These members should not be allowed in our closed-door private meetings or even the republican cloakroom. We had important meetings yesterday in the cloakroom. I saw Kinzinger in there. Why is he able to be a part of those conversations while he goes back and confers with the opposition?

Both of these politicians Kinzinger and Cheney have worked more with Pelosi than they have with myself, my colleagues, or even leader McCarthy. Before I ever took office before I was sworn in as a United States Congresswoman Adam Kinzinger took to Twitter to attack me by name. I didn’t attack back, I didn’t tweet back, I picked up the phone and I called him. I said “Adam I don’t think we’ve met I’m Lauren. Maybe we could have a conversation before you start attacking your colleagues.” He agreed with me but he has never come and had a conversation with me. He’s never sat down with me. No, when he sees me he goes the other way, puts his head down, and walks on.

Both Liz and Adam have stood by and simped for Pelosi as she has consolidated power in her office and trampled the constitution. That’s really no surprise Adam has gone on leftist shows to once again call me out by name saying “I’m not going to members of congress oh but there’s one I’ll name Lauren Boebert.” Interesting when I was falsely accused of leading a reconnaissance tour at the United States Capitol, when I had my mother, my husband and our four sons here in the capitol, where was Kinzinger? Where was Cheney to step up in my defense? When my family received death threats? Neither use their platforms to ease tensions.

But when Nancy Pelosi took the unprecedented and historic action of removing my esteemed colleagues ranking member of the judiciary committee Jim Jordan and chairman of the republican study committee the largest committee in the republican conference Jim Banks off of the partisan January 6 committee blocking and tackling while Adam was filling out his paperwork to join the committee which I call ‘impeachment 3.0’.

Adam and Liz have been on CNN more than most democrats. They’ve attacked Republicans at every single turn. In fact, one of these media-hungry hacks even went to both the New York Times and CNN in one week to attack me. In one week! Really Adam that’s the best you can do for the American people while democrats are destroying every foundation of our country? It’s pathetic.

Even our incompetent attending physician could test these members positive for Trump derangement syndrome. They are a cancer to our party and to our caucus and they must be expelled from our conference.”  

The Congresswoman’s every point landed with a ring of truth. There is no logical purpose to Reps. Cheney and Kinzinger being privy to any of the inner workings of the Republican Party, and a mechanism to expel members from the party ENTIRELY is long overdue. While entreating Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) is certainly a step in the right direction, efforts must be made to engage with the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel to institute a process by which to strip malefactors of their party membership.

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