VIDEO: Hamas Celebrates Point-black Murder of IDF Soldier

Hamas Video
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

A new video from the Israel war is blowing up right now.

The video shows a Hamas fighter celebrating the killing of an IDF soldier at point-blank range, but justice eventually gets served.

It is the early stage of the terror attack, showing the horrors and atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7.


The original video was given to CNN by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

The video was bodycam footage from a Hamas fighter as Hamas gets into a gunfight with Israeli forces as well as shots of the tunnels that Hamas has been using to move forces and supplies underground.

The Hamas fighters spot an Israeli soldier on the ground, then run toward him to kill him, celebrating the death of the man on camera.

Karma quickly catches up with this fighter, as he starts firing again at Israeli forces, only this time he is hit.

You see the gunman drop his weapon, then you hear nothing, as the Hamas fighter is killed.

The video was taken on October 7 during the initial terror attack against Israel.

These terrorists had more than an hour of operating in Israel before they faced any resistance in what was clearly an epic failure on the part of Israel’s intelligence, as well as the United States.

Little by little, this is reminiscent of the warnings that were ignored prior to the 9/11 attack here in the United States.

One thing is certain now, however, and that is that Israel cannot stop until Hamas is no longer a threat.

Sources: New York Post & CNN

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