IDF Shocking Stash Find of Hamas


The IDF has the pictures to prove it but network media won’t show them. They especially won’t look at them. Along with tunneling under the hospital to store explosives safely, the goat humpers of Hamas were stashing mortar shells in a kindergarten. The kids are long gone by now and the Israelis are gathering up the ordinance all over town.

IDF cleaning up Gaza

The IDF has made such great progress of clearing Hamas from the northern part of Gaza that they’re getting ready to roll the tanks farther south. International outrage over the way they leveled the hospitals along with all the other buildings in Gaza city has been countered by images of Hamas tunnels and the weapons that came out of them.

Images, we don’t see any images, the media insists, turning a blind eye. That means no evidence.

Twitter is full of images. The IDF found “a stash of mortars inside a kindergarten in northern Gaza.” Those pictures started swirling on Friday, along with what the Israelis are finding in the Hamas tunnels under the hospitals.

One set shows “around a dozen mortar bombs stacked in a pile and tucked in between two walls of a building.” The building was a kindergarten and the kids were learning how to get their 72 virgins.

Network media is quick to slap a big disclaimer. “The alleged discovery, which has not been independently verified, follows claims by Israel that it uncovered a Hamas tunnel shaft and weapons at Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital complex on Thursday.

No matter what IDF takes pictures of, “Hamas and medical staff have vigorously denied the allegation the hospital was being used as a command center.

Dismantling the system

When it comes right down to it, Israel doesn’t really care if the media believes them or not, they’re blasting everything that moves and getting ready to leave a big crater behind in the north part of Gaza. Then head south and do it some more.

According to Herzi Halevi, IDF chief of general staff, They’re close to “dismantling the military system” in northern Gaza. There “remains work to be completed” but his troops have been “approaching it successfully.

The IDF will continue in its operations within the Gaza Strip, and as far as we are concerned, more and more regions” will be targeted.

Next comes “systematically eliminating commanding officers and eliminating operatives, and eradicating the infrastructure,” whether they hide it in hospitals or classrooms.

After the Hamas paratroopers brought death to the Jews from above, IDF vowed to eliminate the goat humping terrorists from the planet once and for all. After they level all of the Gaza strip into one big parking lot, then they can talk about a “two state solution.

It’s not like they haven’t been offering the goat humpers a piece of desert to call their own. Israel can’t help it if the Palestinians are prejudiced and won’t live next to Jews. Since they don’t want to live where they were, they can move, IDF said, then moved them.

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