Video: Gunman Opens Fire, Hits Marine


During the evening of June 27th, a 21-year-old Marine was shot in the back by a man identified as Farrakhan Muhammad, a CD vendor in New York City’s Times Square. Police have described the Marine as “an innocent bystander”. The NYPD is seeking any information about Muhammad, or his whereabouts after footage of the attack was released. Farrakhan Muhammad is a black male, who appears to be in his late teens to early twenties, he is approximately 5’8″- 6’3″ and likely between 110-130lbs.

According to Stars & Stripes,

“Police said the latest shooting — just steps away from where a girl was hit by gunfire last month — was triggered by an argument between two men, possibly street vendors or performers.”

They went on to explain that EMTs transported Marine Samuel Poulin to Bellevue hospital after he was struck by the errant round after it “ricocheted”. Poulin is a recent graduate of The Citadel Military Academy who was visiting New York after his recent wedding. He is reportedly in stable condition.

Meaww reported, “Poulin and his wife were walking in Times Square on May 27, when the shooting occurred. According to the police, Poulin was not the target, he was hit by a stray bullet. The New York Daily News reported that the bullet was discharged after a fight broke out between two vendors or street performers. According to ABC7, “a group of 5-6 CD vendors were arguing under when one pulled out a gun and fired a shot.”

That bullet hit Poulin in the back but reportedly did not pierce through his body. Police immediately sealed off the area, while Poulin was taken to the hospital. Footage from the scene shows Poulin being taken by a stretcher, while he appears to be alert and talking to paramedics. Poulin’s wife confirmed he was hit in an interview with The New York Daily News, and that he was still in the hospital at the time of reporting.”

In DeBlasio’s NYC Even A Marine Isn’t Safe

While Mayor Bill DiBlasio’s wife Chirlane McCray pioneers the New York Democrat-Socialist left’s #DefundThePolice narrative, convincing him to reroute funding from exhausted and maligned police who just twenty years ago were the most beloved and respected in the nation, to “youth initiatives and social services.”, crime has exploded in America’s largest city.

The Hill wrote,

“According to the NYPD’s crime stats database, 680 shooting incidents have occurred this year as of June 20.

The incident comes after the suspect in the May 8 shooting in Times Square, which left three people injured, was charged with attempted murder.

Police said at the time of the incident that the victims, a 4-year-old girl, a 23-year-old woman and a 44-year-old woman, were not intended targets.”

And what did the Dem-Socialists of DiBlasio and McCray think people like the Marine and his wife should have done? ‘NYC First Lady’ McCray laid out her “5 D’s” months ago as the Asian community expressed concern.

Following blowback from prominent Times Square businesses though, Bill has changed his tune, promising to “flood the zone” with Police to bring crime there under control.

“The bottom line is we are going to flood the zone in Times Square with additional officers to make sure this situation is resolved once and for all,” the mayor said at a morning briefing. “We have more and more activity out there, more and more jobs coming back, more and more tourists coming back. They have to be safe and they have to feel safe.” DiBlasio said according to

Did McCray and the New York Leftists just kind of miss ‘Demolition Man’ back in the nineties? The new version of policing the “Defund” movement is looking for might look a little like this:

If that’s so then, Bill can “flood the zone” all he wants, but until Police are allowed to do their jobs without political interference from the Democrat-Socialists there are going to be more stories like this one, with one major difference: people are going to start dying.

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