Trump Case DISMISSAL… Dems Up in Arms


Donald Trump’s legal team made a filing recently that has some teeth to it.

Leading up to this point, Trump’s legal team has had little success.

This time, however, they have real precedents to back up their claims.

Will It Work?

When Trump took the records from the White House when he left, everyone made a huge deal about it.

And I am not defending what he did at the time, but I will say just about every president that left the White House before Trump did something similar.

There is a process that is supposed to be followed by the National Archives, but we know that process was not followed by Barack Obama and it surely was not followed by Bill Clinton.

Trump’s legal team is leaning on this as well as recent investigations into Joe Biden and Mike Pence’s handling of classified documents, where no charges were filed.

This is of particular importance because they were both VPs, not president, therefore, they did not have the power to declassify information.

Trump’s attorneys argued, “American history is chock full of public examples involving alleged mishandling of classified information and documents, which did not result in the type of politically motivated charges that the Special Counsel’s Office has brought against President Trump and his codefendants.”

They continued, “Dozens of public officials have faced allegations relating to the handling of classified information without being charged with the types of felonies alleged in the Superseding Indictment.

“In this case, the record adequately demonstrates impermissible prosecutorial motives, driven in an unprecedented fashion by a sitting president to serve his political objective of prosecuting his predecessor and opponent.”

They are not wrong, only Trump is the only person that was ever put on trial to spend the rest of his days behind bars over this.

I honestly believe this filing could have some real teeth to it and at least initially, Trump will have a friendly judge hearing the motion.

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