Trump Case DELAYED – It Will NEVER See the Courtroom

Donald Trump
“Donald Trump Signs The Pledge” by Michael Vadon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Recently, Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump-appointed judge, indefinitely delayed the Trump classified documents case.

Donald Trump’s former White House counsel, Ty Cobb, is up in arms over the decision.

Cobb seems to believe that Cannon is tanking the case on purpose for Trump.

Unnecessary Delays

According to Cobb, Cannon is taking way too much time to decide on these motions.

He is adamant that this is purposeful to help Trump, calling Cannon’s integrity into issue.

Cobb stated, “I don’t think this case will move at all.

“And I think the fact that she’s scheduling hearings, multiple hearings, sort of one or two motions at a time, is compelling evidence of that.

“Most federal judges would have long ago ruled on all the pending motions.

“And frankly, this is a case that should’ve started trial yesterday or two days ago when the original trial date was set.

“This case could have easily gotten to trial. Only her incompetence and perceived bias has prevented that.”

Dems are also pushing this narrative, with Senator Coons (D-CT) stating, “Justice deferred is often justice denied.

“It is profoundly frustrating that the judge is managing this case in a way that is making it highly unlikely that it will be resolved in a timely fashion.”

Before anyone hangs Cannon over this, take a deep breath.

Judge Chutkan made the same ruling as Cannon regarding the presidential immunity claim several months ago, but nobody whined about it then.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys have done much the same as Trump in terms of delaying the case, but again, nobody whined about it when they were doing it.

If Cannon were not a Trump appointee, this would not even be in the news, but once again, when it is attached to Trump, it causes a meltdown on the left.

In the process, Dems are making it so the American people trust our judiciary even less than they already do… so much for trying to create unity in this country.

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