Trump Insider Reveals More Details on Gen. Milley


A well placed Washington insider has some detailed dirt on General Mark Milley and the way the Deep State worked behind the shadows to thwart the efforts of President Donald Trump at every turn. It wasn’t just a single isolated event that has everyone shouting “treason.” The treacherous renegade “repeatedly overstepped his authority and undercut potential orders from the former commander-in-chief.”

Milley takes over

Bob Woodward of Watergate fame teamed up with fellow Washington Post scribe Robert Costa to help ghost write for General Mark Milley. They wanted to properly spin his side of the January 6 barbarian invasion story to the left.

They weren’t expecting the public to take it as an admission of treason. It isn’t treason because we weren’t officially at war with China at the time. Instead, it’s something equally nasty like subversion, mutiny or the dreaded “I” word, “insurrection.”

According to E. Casey Wardynski, Milley called his Chinese contact for the first time before November’s “selection” was even held, on October 30. Wardynski served the Trump administration as assistant secretary of the Army for manpower and reserve affairs.

That’s how he knows the invasion on January 6, which was potentially engineered by the Deep State, prompted a second call to Chinese Communist Party General Li Zuocheng on January 8. There were others in on the potential “coup plot” conspiracy as well. As soon as he hung up, “he then gave a full briefing to four people” including CIA director​ Gina Haspel, and Paul​ Nakasone who heads ​the ​National Security Agency.

Milley, in his role as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff “huddled with other security officials to discuss his secret calls.” The ones he made to the People’s Liberation Army. That’s only the beginning. The general “routinely violated the bounds of his authority.” He had lots of help from Army Chief of Staff General James McConville.

The pair “engaged in a ‘pattern of behavior’ to thwart President Donald Trump” every chance they got. When Trump started talking about using the Insurrection act to control the Black Lives Matter and Antifa associated rioters, McConville personally told Wardynski that he “would not be obeying any illegal orders from the president.” With him making the sole decision on whether the orders were legal or not. “That’s not something in 30 years of service in that uniform I thought I’d ever hear.”

They did it ‘for a while’

The Deep State was alive and well working with General Milley in the shadows. Wardynski points out that these “kinds of behaviors and this willingness for military leaders to exceed their authorities” violate “the Constitution and laws of the country.”

Also, this “was not something that came to them on January 8. It was something that they had done for a while.” Especially during the summer’s riots in Washington, D.C. which saw the president rushed to hunker in the bunker.

The first thing the public needs to know, Wardynski explains, is that Milley has no command authority. None. He’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff but not a staff officer himself. “He is an adviser, he’s not a commander.” Even so, he loves to give orders.

He “ordered elements of the 82nd Airborne and the 10th Mountain Division to fly overnight to DC to Fort Belvoir and [Joint Base] Andrews without consulting the Army chain of command and reaching around the chain of command to do that. I know that for a fact.” That was the night the historic church was set ablaze.

In meetings, Milley is nothing but a big “bully” and feels compelled to “control the agenda.” He “and other military leaders had no ‘intention of supporting’ Trump.”

He would “sit at the head of the table with the secretary, the secretary would say, ‘We’re going to do the following,’ and Milley would look at the gathered staff and tell them, ‘Let me tell you what the secretary just said’ and it was pretty much something different.”

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