Top Republican Says the Election Was RIGGED

Man placing vote here sign board direction near polling booth – concept of responsibility, voting or election day and democracy.

Ranked-choice voting… that is what we are talking about here.

It is more than likely the reason that Sarah Palin lost her special election for a House seat in Alaska.

If she loses the general election, that will probably be the same reason.

Not Fair

I do not like ranked-choice voting because it allows people to vote multiple times in the same election.

We all know idiots that waste their vote and pull the handle for someone that has no chance to win.

In ranked choice, when they do that, their vote still counts if nobody hits a 50 percent threshold in the first round.

That is how Democrats managed to win the special election.

Four candidates were permitted in the race instead of the usual two primary winners.

The second Democrat dropped out, so all the ballots with that candidate were moved to choice number two, which benefitted the other Democrat.

That left one Democrat and two Republicans, so we know how that went.

In the primary election, Palin will still be facing off against another Republican and a Democrat, so, realistically, the only chance she has of winning is if the sole Democrat does not capture 50 percent.

Palin stated, “We had ranked-choice voting.

“This will be going into our fourth vote to find the person to have Alaska’s at-large seat in Congress to replace Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, who passed away some months ago, nearly eight months ago, meaning Alaska will have gone without representation for about eight months.”

On her fellow GOP opponent, Nick Begich, she stated, “I’ve thumped him three times now in our first three votes, and yet still he knows that this just creates disunity, a lot of division.

“The conservative, the Republican vote will be split again.

“The math shows exactly what’s going to happen in that final vote in the general election in November.

“He knows what’s going to happen. And of course, he’s calling on me to drop out of the race. And I say, why should I? We thumped you three times.

“He needs to drop out, or he at least needs to call for unity behind my candidacy.”

If he stays, he more than likely hands a full term to Democrats in a seat they have no business winning.

Source: Newsmax

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