Tim Allen Biden Joke Causes Liberal MELTDOWN

Tim Allen
Photo via DepositPhotos (Copyright: s_bukley)

How dare he?!

Tim Allen dared to joke about Joe Biden, and now the entire left is having a complete and utter meltdown.

The joke was not even that bad!

Good One-liner

This is the tweet that sent the left into a meltdown…

You know how the left calls us all fascists?

Do you know how they tout themselves as the party of unity?

Well check out some of these responses….

Here is one that is just a bit homophobic…

And my favorite… for some reason bringing the race card into it…

It was a joke, people, chill the hell out!

Oh, by the way, they are really going to meltdown when they find out that after the “Lightyear” flop, Disney decided to bring Allen back into the fold for another “The Santa Claus” sequel.

Disney cannot take another flop right now, so they are bringing in a conservative to save the day for their floundering woke business.

Source: Breitbart

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