Thug Almost Gets Decapitated… Officer Spears Him Like Its SuperBowl Sunday [VIDEO]

Thug Almost Gets Decapitated... Officer Spears Him Like Its SuperBowl Sunday

When officers caught up to an armed thug who shot two women, body camera footage shows the officer using a perfectly executed spear tackle to subdue the suspect.

Newly released body camera footage shows an intense and dangerous foot chase conducted by officers from the Louisville Metro Police Department.

The shooting took place in south Louisville, Kentucky on July 26 at around 1:15 p.m., according to an LMPD spokesperson.

Officers who responded to the call found two women who had been shot. The victims were brought to University of Louisville Hospital, reportedly sustaining non-life threatening injuries. No update has been provided as to their condition.

Just a few hours later, Officer Mike Faulkner encountered the suspect’s vehicle and attempted a traffic stop.

The arrest report states that the suspect, Laron Weston, “fled from police so recklessly” that he eventually crashed, causing at least $1,000 in damage to another vehicle.

Laron Weston
Laron Weston (suspect)

Weston, 28, then fled on foot “with a loaded handgun,” which police say created “a substantial risk of serious physical injury or death” to police and pedestrians in the area.

Officer Faulkner said the thug then pointed the gun at him, according to the report.

Body camera footage from both Officer Faulkner and Officer Joseph Hardison was released, showing Officer Hardison sprinting to catch up with Weston. The thug then appears to slightly lower his weapon as Hardison closes in and tackles him to the ground.

Hardison disarms Weston as Faulkner runs up to assist. Neither officer fired their weapon during the incident.

According to the arrest citation, Weston’s gun was a .40 caliber handgun. Several .40 caliber shell casings were found at the scene of the original shooting, and in Weston’s vehicle.

Officers said that, as Weston was detained, he said “Nobody shoots at my people.”

The arrest citation also mentions that the suspect tossed a bag with suspected oxycodone, hydrocodone, and MDMA pills during the pursuit. Officers also discovered a bag of marijuana with the pills.

Weston is already a convicted felon. In this case, he is now facing a long list of charges, including fleeing or evading police, wanton endangerment, assault, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, criminal mischief, and multiple drug charges.

The suspect appeared in court on July 27, where the judge increased his bond to $10,000.


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