This is the ONLY Thing Joe is REFUSING to Sign


Imperial Leader Joe Biden has been signing everything his handlers stick in front of him but there’s one place you won’t be seeing his autograph. He refuses to sign the upcoming $1,400 stimulus checks. Most Americans get theirs by direct deposit anyway and the ones who don’t could care less who signs the paper check it as long as it cashes.

Joe won’t sign the checks

You won’t get a souvenir from the Palace in this next round of stimulus checks. According to official Imperial spokesunit Jen Psaki “President Joe Biden will not be attaching his signature to the $1,400 relief checks that are expected to be mailed soon.”

Instead, they will bear the seal of approval of “a career official at the Treasury Department’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service.”

Democrats in the House announced on Tuesday that they had all the votes they needed to match their second version to what the Senate had churned out after review and revision.

That means that the way is clear to move the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill out of Congress and over to His Wisdom’s desk. Joe Biden has his pen out already.

The palace downplays the missing Joe Biden signature as a move to expedite the payouts. For once, it’s not about branding. “This is not about him, this is about the American people getting relief.”

They’re still cheesed off because former President Donald Trump insisted that his name appear on the paper checks. As he bragged at the time, “I’m sure people will be very happy to get a big, fat, beautiful check and my name is on it.”

Also extends benefits

Holy Joe will soon approve the bill but stimulus checks aren’t the only thing that was included in the package. “the overall bill also extends emergency jobless benefits to early September, instead of expiring on March 14.”

Besides that, “It spends huge amounts on COVID-19 vaccines, testing and treatments, while also aiding state and local governments and schools, assisting small businesses and providing major expansions of tax breaks and programs for lower- and middle-income families.”

The Senate managed to trim out the proposal to lift the minimum wage to an industry killing $15 an hour but there is still a lot of Democrat pork in there.

“There’s not going to be a problem” with the vote” House speaker Pelosi promised. Joe Biden just wants to get the money out there so everyone will stop hounding him.

Democrats are still trying to downplay that this 1.9 trillion is finally going out to Americans after the Democrats managed to ship it off to other countries in the last round.

Joe Biden and his economic wizards have no answer to where all the money is going to come from without it creating an inflation problem that will make Venezuela and Brazil look like a dip in the stock market. The “creature from Jekyll Island” may end up ruling the world.

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