They Were Stabbed to Death in Public

Karen Pulls Gun, Shoots Maskless Customer Then Shoots Self

A shocking murder has rocked a community just outside of Los Angeles.

A doting father and his daughter were brutally murdered in a Kohl’s parking lot.

They were killed in a random attack by a homeless man.

Brutal Attack

Ken Evans, 54, and McKenna Evans, 22, were spending the day together.

Ken loved spending as much time with his daughter as possible, and this was one of those days.

They were tinkering with their car in the parking lot when a homeless man attacked them, stabbing them both.

The daughter was pronounced dead at the scene.

The father was transported to a local hospital, but he, too, succumbed to his wounds and died.

The number of homicides in Los Angeles has increased by seven percent over last year.

We also see more and more of these attacks attributed to homeless people.

Democrats, however, don’t seem to care, as local neighborhoods are being turned into tent cities.

Source: New York Post

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