They Just QUIT – Every One of Them… Town STUNNED

Quit Fired
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It would appear as though the small North Carolina town of Kenly made a horrible hiring mistake.

The town recently hired Justine Jones as its town manager.

This week, the entire police force and numerous town employees resigned over hostile working conditions.

We Quit

The entire police department turned in its resignations to the Chief of Police, Josh Gibson.

Gibson, in turn, submitted his resignation to Jones, writing, “In my 21 years at the Kenly Police Department, we have seen ups and downs.

“But, especially in the last 3 years, we have made substantial progress that we had hoped to continue.

“However, due to the hostile work environment now present in the Town of Kenly, I do not believe progress is possible.”

Utility Clerk Christy Thomas was one of the town employees that resigned, stating, “I have truly enjoyed working for The Town the last four years. Due to the current situations and the stress in the work area lately, my main concern is my health, and right now I need to focus on my wellbeing.

“The work area is very hostile and I will not let myself be around that kind of atmosphere.”

Town Clerk Sharon Evans got right to the point, writing, “I will be retiring sooner than I had planned.

“This is my two weeks notice as of today. I can no longer work under the stress.”

When the town hired Jones, it thought it found a diamond in the rough, but it would appear they got cubic zirconia instead.

Here is the odd thing… nobody will take about what happened to the media other than what is in their resignation letters.

Jones, the police, the clerks… nobody will return a request for comment.

It is like a bizarre Stephen King novel where the town goes dark and everyone just disappears.

Source: Fox News

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