The Time Bernie Sanders Broke from Party, and Sided With Trump


It’s an odd day when radical socialist Bernie Sanders agrees with President Donald Trump.

Sanders and Trump Agree for Once

The president is urging the Senate to increase coronavirus stimulus payments from $600 to a whopping $2,000. Sanders went on record to say he agrees with President Trump and the two are finally seeing eye-to-eye on something.

The socialist politician didn’t have all nice things to say though when he was on Fox News’s “Special Report.”

“President Trump is the most dangerous president in the history of our country,” he said. “But he happens to be right on this issue.”

Stimulus Causing Drama

The Vermont Senator gave in to saying that President Trump that the country’s economic status is at a crucial point and that the American people need help to continue on with the coronavirus still wreaking havoc.

“We fought very hard to get the $600 direct payment,” Sanders said. “Trump is right in saying that’s not enough. I didn’t say he was a visionary. He’s right on this issue.”

Sanders claims he had been helping to secure relief payments, but $600 is “not going to do it.” He gives examples of mothers worrying about having enough money to feed their children. He then went on to criticize the senators who are blocking the stimulus money from going through.

Bernie Gives His Thoughts

“I always find it amusing that, sometimes, the very same people who voted for a $1.5 trillion tax break for the 1% of large corporations, they didn’t have a worry about the deficit at that point,” he said. “Deficit is an issue, I agree. But I think at this moment we’ve got to do the right thing for working families.”

Both Republicans and Democrats have been critical of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who has been a hindrance on more than one occasion. He has now stalled the decision to increase funding.

Sanders asked, “What is McConnell’s problem?”

“All that I am asking of Mitch McConnell: Give us a vote,” he said. “What is the problem with having a vote?”

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