The Federal Raid that Got Buried


After being thrown into the memory hole for about seven months, the December 2020 raid on the Fountain Hills, AZ home of Elliot Kerwin is seeing some long-overdue scrutiny. The raid, in which Federal agents seized eight hard drives, three computers, and several USB flash drives, was initially reported by AZCentral, Forbes, Neonettle, and The GOP Times and seemed to attract little attention, having been dutifully buried in thousands of newsfeeds. Until it resurfaced during audit hearings on July 15th having been cited by CyberNinjas auditors.

It’s notable to add that at the same time, AZ GOP Senators were fighting desperately to bring the legislature back into session after being adjourned Sine Die due to COVID19 lockdowns per Gov. Ducey.

The GOP Times wrote,

“The Arizona legislature is currently fighting to call the legislature back into special session to consider withholding their Electoral college votes, to hold a full forensic audit of Dominion voting machines, and to decertify the election results. It is interesting that this story was withheld from the public eye until now as it only adds more weight to assertions that the election in Arizona was compromised.”

Over a half-year later with the forensic audit being continually jammed up by a defiant Maricopa County and hints of a cover-up cropping up everywhere, the raid on Kerwin bore more scrutiny after it was referred back to in a hearing between auditors and the AZ Senate.

AZCentral also reported that investigators were specifically searching for, “records, information and communications related to:

  • Login credentials and accounts.
  • Voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.
  • The transfer, sharing, or dissemination of voter registration records and information, including protected voters’ information.
  • Unauthorized access to the office’s website and computer systems.
  • Attempts or threats to damage computer systems.”

Sounds a lot like some information that Maricopa County refuses to give the AZ Senate Audit doesn’t it?

A Comprehensive Analysis From An Unexpected Source

The most detailed breakdown to date hasn’t come from the media, but like so many of the most striking stories of 2020-21, came from a citizen journalist.

Twitter User: “Columnated Ruins- The Real AZ Data Guru” (@DominoFromAZ) compiled the most comprehensive timeline currently available in the curious case of Elliot Kerwin in a series of Twitter threads (first and second).

The author asked some fundamental questions,

“What time exactly was the breach on November 3? When was it discovered? Why was it a big enough deal that [email protected] sent a letter to it’s constituents, but continue to deny the possibility of fraud to this day? What was taken, what was manipulated, what was lost?
Who exactly is Elliot Kerwin? How did a Wisconsin IT guy go from making @maricopacounty his home, to making it his crime scene, in a 3-year span? What drove him to these actions? What consequences will he face?

What exactly DID he do & why doesn’t the media seem to care?”

They examined everything from Kerwin’s public resume to his wife’s political donor records, to his previous criminal record in Ashland, WI the author of the thread was careful not to draw conclusions for the reader but put “days of research” into compiling all of the information which has clearly been swept under the rug.

In attempting to ascertain the motivations of Mr. Kerwin the author was nuanced and cautious in writing,

“I believe that a good way to see what a person is truly passionate about is to see what, & who, they spend their money on.

“In politics, the best way to trace that is through donations.

According to records from WI & AZ, dating from 2014-20, Mr. Kerwin & his wife are Liberals. 

While living in Mercer, WI, Elliot Kerwin reported 10 political donations from 2014-18. These were VERY small donations, but we’re looking for ideology not monetary commitment.”

A Crime Committed By A Fictitious Person? A Cleanup Raid?

Another extremely curious quirk of this case is the extremely unsubstantial nature of Mr. Kerwin’s business ventures which was something most ‘journalists’ and ‘investigators’ have missed, which almost suggests that the identity of Kerwin is hollow, a hastily put together but ultimately a non-existent phantasm, a straw-man. ‘Columnated Ruins’ leaves this up to the reader to decide, but the evidence is compelling.

They concluded,

“I could draw all sorts of conclusions. Maybe Kerwin was an average joe flexing his tech muscles, maybe a die-hard #NeverTrumper doing his part, maybe he was a patsy, maybe a Fed, maybe he doesn’t even exist at all. But I’d be lying, if I told you I knew ANY of that for certain

I don’t tell you what I think you need to hear, I don’t fuel conspiracy because it pays the bills (.@jeremyduda)

I’m not even a reporter, I’m a guy who can’t understand how a story about an election day breach on @maricopacounty seems to have gotten swept under the rug.

“I can’t answer these questions. Demand answers from those who can” What this gathered information proves is a single incontrovertible proof. The 2020 Election in Maricopa County Arizona: was NOT regular, was NOT proper, and was certainly not “free and fair and conducted by the Elections Department with integrity and honor

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