Texas Mom Kills Home Intruder Defending Her 3 Kids Inside


A Texas woman killed an intruder who burglarized her San Antonio house late in the night. Cops stated the shooting happened at about 10 p.m., according to KSAT-TV when the female, in her 30s, was home with her 3 kids and heard sounds that seemed like somebody entering her house.

Cops stated a male went into the house through a utility room at the rear of the structure. He then attempted to break in through the door entering the primary part of the house where the lady and her kids lay.

When the woman saw the man, she shot him two times in the chest, according to KABB-TV.

The man passed away on his method to the healthcare facility, cops stated.

KABB reported that the house owner would not deal with charges under what is called the castle teaching, which allows people to utilize the force needed for defense when protecting themselves at their house or workplace.

Since Friday early morning, cops had actually not launched the identities of the man who was eliminated or the lady who shot him.

The site of lawyer James Luster sums up the castle teaching, which can differ by state.

“The doctrine is not a single law, but a concept of self-defense that individual states may limit or expand as they see fit. In many states, a version of the castle doctrine has been adopted to allow the justified use of force against an intruder in your home or workplace, even if you have a way to get away from the situation, commonly called a ‘duty to retreat.’ Other laws, called ‘stand-your-ground’ laws, cover situations [wherein] an individual is threatened with force, usually somewhere other than their home or workplace,” the site noted.

“Using the concept of the castle doctrine, Texas has created some of the strongest self-defense and defense of property laws in the country. There is no single law that lays out the castle doctrine. Instead, it is included in the law in several provisions of the Penal Code that govern self-defense and the lawful use of force. The laws allow the justified use of force to protect yourself, others, and even property in certain situations,” the site said.

Throughout America, homeowners trust that teaching and the 2nd Amendment for defense, as kept in mind by Amy Swearer in an Op-Ed for the Heritage Structure. Especially in Texas.

“The right to keep and bear arms is based on the natural, immutable right to defend oneself and one’s liberties from crime and tyranny,” she wrote.

“Unfortunately, too many well-intentioned people today advocate severely restricting the ability of law-abiding Americans to defend themselves and others with the most effective firearms.

“They believe that Americans rarely use firearms to protect their rights and liberties, and they think commonly proposed gun control laws will meaningfully address gun-related violence. But the reality is quite different,” she wrote.

“Americans use guns in self-defense on far more occasions than criminals use them to commit crimes. Yet those defensive gun uses rarely receive the amount of attention given to criminal gun uses,” she said, calling everyday Americans who defend their homes “underreported good guys using a gun.”

“Most lawful gun owners understand the gravity of taking another human life, even in lawful self-defense.

“They pray the day never comes when they must rely on their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves or others because it will likely be the hardest moment of their lives,” she wrote.

H/T The Western Journal

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