Startling Developments With Brian Laundrie Case


The bizarre hunt for notorious fugitive Brian Laundrie just took a startling new twist. His parents have been acting suspicious all along and now they’re changing their story. Everyone is certain that he’s responsible for killing Gabby Petito even though he hasn’t formally been charged.

Laundrie family values

The hunt for fugitive “person of interest” Brian Laundrie stretches on, with nobody really sure even where to look. It’s one thing to want to make sure your son gets a fair hearing in court, but actively helping him to evade the law is a crime in itself.

It makes America wonder what else this family has been up to and what they’re really trying to hide.

The Laundrie family didn’t seem the slightest bit disturbed that Brian came home without Gabby Petito but with her vehicle. It didn’t stop them from taking a little camping trip. One where Brian is seen entering the park on video but not leaving.

Then, there’s all the other help they gave him to allegedly go “camping” in a vast and dangerous swamp. It seems that under relentless interrogation, Mom and Pop can’t remember what they told police before, so their story is changing.

A spokesman for the North Port police admits there was “a lot of oddness” about the statements Chris and Roberta Laundrie made to investigators.

“I mean, we’ve said since the beginning there was a lot of oddness here, a lot of things that didn’t make sense.” The whole internet is convinced that Brian’s parents were “helping their son shortly prior to vanishing, although they have not been charged with any crimes and they appear to be cooperating with authorities.”

Family fixer changes story

According to Laundrie family attorney Steve Bertolino, the parents were a little mixed up about the timing. They were “off by one day in their previous timeline of when they last saw their son.” Several outlets are reporting that “the change in their story comes as one police officer said the story fed to the cops ‘just didn’t make sense.'”

Detectives are trained to spot inconsistencies. “I think certainly what the family has told us is that he drove out to the park and walked out into the woods,” spokesman Josh Taylor explains. “I think that is certainly on the table.” The details just don’t add up.

The Laundrie family tale seems really sketchy. “I mean, if your son walks out there, now they’re saying on a Monday, to report that on a Friday and then to be confused on what day that was — there are a lot of things that are odd there.”

On Friday, they said he left Tuesday but he really had 24 hours more of a head start than police were expecting. Bertolino claims it was harmless mis-recollection. The parents “were basing the date Brian left on their recollection of certain events.”

Then the FBI came back and said their story didn’t make sense, so they changed it. “Upon further communication with the FBI and confirmation of the Mustang being at the Laundrie residence on Wednesday, September 15, we now believe the day Brian left to hike in the preserve was Monday, September 13.”

The parents claim they went looking for him there Wednesday night and when they came back Thursday morning they found his car “with a ticket on it. They returned again the next day to bring home the car.” They swear up and down he’s somewhere in that swamp. “They don’t believe he’s in another area. They believe he is in the preserve.”

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