Something Occurring Down In Texas PROVES Democrats Are SCREWED!

Something Occurring Down In Texas PROVES Democrats Are SCREWED!

Something is happening in South Texas that is not good for the Democratic Party, and they are definitely scared. A new poll shows that Hispanics are starting to favor Republicans.

Former President Donald Trump gained the support of Hispanics in South Texas because of his ‘tough on crime’ policies. The Democrat Party’s decision to turn towards ‘Democratic’ socialism was also one of the reasons Hispanics began to leave the left in favor of the right.

It was in 2020 when Hispanics began to support Republicans. One bright spot for the GOP in 2020 was their performance with Hispanic voters. Though 44 percent still voted for Democrats, the overall number is now split almost evenly between Republicans and Democrats.

According to the new poll that was recently released, Democrats’ advantage among Hispanics has shrunk to only 7 percentage points, with 44% of Hispanics supporting Democrats and 37% supporting Republicans.

This poll is huge advantage for the Republicans who have seen those gains materialize. This is a huge advantage for them as they have as many as eight Hispanic candidates running for Congress, including six women.

According to reporting from Politico:

Republicans have long argued that Donald Trump’s gains in majority-Hispanic South Texas were not a one-time deal and, instead, the beginning of a larger trend.

The primary results on Tuesday night proved they’re right.

The GOP saw continued strong turnout in the state’s southernmost border counties in the latest display that Trump’s gains among Hispanic voters were no anomaly. But that was only part of the story. When the dust clears after the May 24 runoffs, as many as eight Latinos — including six women — could ultimately be Republican nominees for congressional seats across Texas. In the Rio Grande Valley alone, at least two Latinas will carry the GOP nod.

With the GOP continuing to pump money into South Texas and more Hispanic Republicans, particularly women, running for office, there are signs the traditional balance of power in the longtime Democratic stronghold is beginning to shift.

“We want to show Hispanics that this is what the Republican Party looks like. It looks just like them,” said Mayra Flores, who won the GOP nomination for her South Texas-based congressional seat. “We were raised to think that the Republican Party was for the rich and only white men and that’s not true. Look at us. We are the face of the party.”

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  1. The Problem we have in America is not only with the Socialist Democratic Party it is also with Socialist Republicans or Never Trumpers!!! I saw a report where in some states So Called Conservative Republicans Voted for all Republicans in 2020 but not for My President Donald J. Trump. I also see them on TV saying they will try there Best to make sure that Our President Donald J. Trump will not be nominated in 2024!!! This is the Problem I see within the Republican Party its the Socialist So Called Republican Voters, Governors and member of Congress, they Hate Our President because President Trump is not a Politician but a Patriot that puts Americans First…

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