New Law Could See Citizens In Prison for 2 years for Breaking COVID Orders


The nation of Australia and more specifically the state of Victoria, with its Capitol in Melbourne have officially gone off the cliff of authoritarianism. Victoria’s Premier Dan Andrews has brought two bills to his state’s parliament that would find the Australian people of Victoria State thrown IN PRISON for up to TWO YEARS for violating the states’ “public health orders”. The two bills: the Public Health And Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021  and Emergency Powers (Emergency Powers) Safeguards Legislation Amendment Bill 2021. as reported by Lifesite are under consideration by the parliament and would give the wildly unpopular Andrews administration the power to impose “$90,000 fines on individuals who “intentionally and recklessly” violate public health orders, and $455,000 for businesses.”

The Public Health And Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021 by itself was already fairly terrifying allowing the Government of Victoria to “restrict movement, to require the use of face coverings, or to require persons to be subject to detention or quarantine requirements.” The given purpose of the bill spells out right on the top of page one that it is designed to impose the will of the government on the people and businesses of Victoria by suppressing “the most egregious pandemic-related behaviors” and “body corporate entities [businesses] from non-compliance” with massive, devastating penalties when the government determines them to be “likely to cause a serious risk to the health of another individual.” 

The penalties are EXTREME:

“The maximum penalty for an individual for this offence is 500 penalty units [exceeding $90,000] for a person or imprisonment up to 2 years. For a body corporate, the maximum penalty is the greater of either 2,500 penalty units [exceeding $454,000] or a fine of up to three times the assessed commercial benefit gained as a result of the non-compliance.”

Prison Sentences and Heavy Fines, Not to Crush The Virus, But To Quash Dissent

Remember the massive riots that have rocked Melbourne in response to Andrews’ heavy-handed tactics and the punishing vaccine mandate? That’s going to be important in a few seconds. What does the government consider to be “egregious” behavior… glad you asked:

“a person deliberately breaching a quarantine or detention requirement or knowing they are COVID-19 positive, deliberately facilitating or engaging in events that have the potential to result in serious risks to health such as large gatherings [like protests]; or a business deliberately trading or offering services in breach of an order.”

The protests have grown more prominent, more forceful, more violent, and more righteous. The people of Melbourne, Victoria, and Australia as a whole are waking up to the nightmare that they along with Germany and France are falling to medical tyranny and are attempting to fight back. These initiatives from Premier Dan Andrews are a desperate attempt to crush the rebellion.

And so we see the true intent of this law, not to protect its citizens or to prevent the spread of a treatable disease. No, this is exclusively about quashing dissent and imposing control on a terrified and angry population. Should these laws pass, then with the first Australian imprisoned our old ally will be completely fallen.


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