Small Texas Town Makes a BIG Move… Liberals are LIVID

Texas Parents Make Strong Showing In State School Board Primary

If you want to upset today’s liberals, all you need to do is hang an American flag outside your home.

Well, how upset do you think they will be seeing an American flag 200 feet in the air.

Not just any flag, either, but a 50 ft by 80 ft flag!

Can’t Miss It

Rockwall, TX, is a small suburban city in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

There are only about 45,000 people that live there, but they love their country.

So much so, they want everyone that drives by on the highway to know it.

So, per the “dream” of one of the city’s council members, they erected a 200 ft flagpole.

Mayor Kevin Fowler stated, “We had a council member, Bennie Daniels, who had this dream of having a giant 50 x 80-foot American flag put up in one of the highest points of our city.”

There may not be a state in the entire country that is as flag happy as Texas.

I don’t care where you drive; American and Texas flags flying everywhere.

It is probably driving all those transplants from California crazy!

Source: Fox News

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