Country Music Legend Travis Tritt Destroys Woke Culture With Announcement

Country Music Legend Travis Tritt Destroys Woke Culture With Announcement

Country music legend Travis Tritt is speaking out about the radical left’s woke culture and the consequences of getting woke.

After two “woke” scandals surrounding the Olympics, Travis Tritt spoke out about his contempt for woke culture.

“Woke” Olympians

Radical leftist BMX Freestyle athlete Chelsea Wolfe, a man who believes that he is a woman, was announced on June 12th as an alternate for the USA Olympic team. Soon after it was announced, an old post by Wolfe began to go viral.

“My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium,” Wolfe reportedly wrote on March 25, 2020. “This is what they focus on during a pandemic. Hurting trans children.”

Soon after Wolfe’s anti-American post went viral, another Olympian decided she needed some attention.

Gwen Berry, who qualified to represent the U.S. at the Olympics by placing third in the hammer throw at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials on June 26, apparently wanted all of the attention on her during the National Anthem. While the 1st and 2nd place women both turned toward the flag and put their hands on their hearts, Berry decided to turn her back to the flag and hold up a t-shirt which read “Activist Athlete.”

Of course, news of Berry’s actions made the headlines, while the two women who placed higher than her received almost no attention.

“The anthem don’t speak for me. It never has,” Berry said after being called out by conservatives.

The fact that Wolfe and Berry are still allowed to be part of the U.S. Olympic team has angered many Americans, who argue that, in order to represent America, an Olympian should actually support America.

Tritt’s Response

Travis Tritt seems to agree with that sentiment.

“I’ve always been a huge supporter of our USA Olympic teams. I was actually onstage at the Olympics in Atlanta the night before the bombing in 1996. I won’t be watching this year,” Tritt tweeted, along with the hashtag #GowokeGobroke.

Just like the NFL, which many Americans have boycotted since it became “woke,” it looks like the Olympics is going to be losing some viewers this year. It’s good to see celebrities speaking out and not espousing the “approved opinions” of the left.

If you like to support people who speak out against woke companies, check out Travis Tritt’s tour schedule here.

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