Sickening: Liberals Calling for ‘Unity’ Openly Attack Ivanka Trump’s Children

Liberals Attack Ivanka Trumps Children

Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, posted on Twitter what was intended to be a sweet picture of her children next to the ceremonial pardoned turkey for Thanksgiving. The left, who has been calling for “unity” under Joe Biden, (who is not yet president despite what the media says), used this opportunity to attack Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner, and especially her children.

Ivanka Trump tweeted a picture of her children,  Arabella Rose Kushner and Theodore James Kushner, with the turkey. The tweet read: “Saved by the President only to be chased by Theodore…”

The left immediately pounced on the tweet to berate Ivanka and attack her children.

“Ivanka, now you’re using your kids as shields? Why are we not surprised?” said one deranged Twitter user, television producer Gailen David.

Another unhinged Twitter user threatened Ivanka Trump in both Arabic and English, writing: “Muslim sheje amar shathe kotha bole tumi thik koroni ami tomake dekhe nibo Book-Fact inshaALLAH A FIGHT IS COMING BETWEEN YOU AND ME THE WORLD WILL KNOW EVERY THING I WILL TELL THEM WHAT YOU DID WITH ME. CHIH BOOK-FACT INSHAALLAH.”

The Arabic portion of the threat translates (according to Google) to: “You did not decide to talk to me in the guise of a Muslim. I will see you, God willing.”

A lunatic leftist Twitter user wrote: “If you throw those kids in a cage, you wouldn’t have to worry about them running around parent-less…”

“They are adorable! I hope they end up in a nice foster family when you and Jared are in jail,” wrote another Twitter user.

One Twitter user straight-up threatened Ivanka’s children, writing “They deserve what they are going to get.”

Conservatives called out these hateful psychopaths on Twitter, with one user writing: “A mother innocently tweets about her children, her father and her dog and all these evil replies start coming out. Amazing! Guess these people replying hatefully believe that they’re good people and are justified to attack viciously.”

Another conservative was impressed with how Ivanka Trump deals with the viciousness of the left, writing: “I do not know how you deal with all this negativity. You impress me. Well your whole family does. God bless your family and keep fighting for us nobodies who live paycheck to paycheck.”

  1. There will be no unity should Biden/Harris prevail in this horse crap election! Just like the unity the Dems showed to Trump & the Repubics in 2017, 2018, 2019 & especially now in 2020.

  2. The tolerant Democrats have shown the route to unity, of BLM, KKK, OWS
    antifa, etc.. The path to unity is illuminated.
    “this claim about unity is disputed”

  3. The loons that attack her just show what deranged imbicles they are. No character, no decency ho honor. Just vile filth and smears

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