SHOCKING Helicopter CRASH Caught on Video

Helicopter Crash
Photo via YouTube Video Screenshot

A California neighborhood was rocked to its core.

A helicopter dropped out of the sky and right onto a home.

A neighbor’s Ring system caught the footage.

We Are Going Down

The crash happened right around 10:00 a.m. one Saturday morning.

The helicopter just dropped out of the sky and right into a home on East Garrett Ave. In Fresno, CA.

The last moments of the accident were captured on video…

Nobody in the home was hurt, but both people aboard the helicopter were injured.

Both passengers, the 47-year-old pilot and a 33-year-old passenger, were taken to Community Regional Medical Center for treatment.

Police Lt. Charlie Chamalbide stated, “They were both conscious and breathing and talking to us.

“It’s very lucky that nothing else was damaged or anybody was injured.”

The men told authorities they heard a loud “pop” then started to lose altitude.

From the pictures of the wreck, it is truly a miracle both men were not killed in the accident.

Source: New York Post

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