4 dead, 1 injured in ‘Targeted Ambush’


Los Angeles Police call this violent attack a “targeted ambush.” The “gang-related” assassination left four people dead outside a “short-term rental home” in Inglewood, including one woman celebrating her 20th birthday. Her sister was also killed in a spray of bullets.

Targeted ‘gang-related’ ambush

Two unidentified men were killed and a third critically wounded, authorities relate, and they most likely were the intended prey of this targeted ambush.

That’s not very comforting to parents and loved ones of Breahna Stines and her sister, Marneysha Hamilton, age 25. Both were murdered in cold blood as collateral damage. No arrests have been made.

As related by family members, the sisters and some friends of theirs at the home “were from out of town.” They rented the targeted residence specifically “for a party to celebrate Steins’ birthday.”

One friend, who gave her name as “Bre” told reporters they “were kids living life, just trying to have fun, celebrating life.” She was there to grieve with others at a makeshift memorial which sprang up “outside the scene of the crime.”

Inglewood residents weren’t surprised by gunfire erupting around 1:30 a.m. but somebody called it in and Los Angeles County Fire Department was dispatched.

They note three of the targeted partygoers “were pronounced dead at the scene” while a fourth victim “died en route” to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The surviving victim “indicated he is affiliated with a gang in another city,” and he has “an extensive criminal history.”

Sociopathic killers

Mayor James Butts calls these murdering gangsters “sociopathic killers that have to be sequestered from society.” It would be nice if police had some funding to arrest their targeted killers. It would be even better if prosecutors would do their job properly and “sequester” them from society in prison.

That won’t happen because these killers are probably “people of color” who can do no wrong. Black lives are the only ones that matter these days. Not even all Black lives. Ones lost to Black killers fall between statistical cracks, so they’re ignored.

Police aren’t spelling out exactly “what the suspects shouted before opening fire” but the “statements uttered before the shooting by the suspects” and “the weapons used,” indicate “the targeted nature of this crime,” and also that “this crime was indeed gang-related.”

Police spent quite a while picking up shell casings from “multiple shooters.”

As Butts explains, the “shell casing evidence indicates that at least one of the weapons was an assault rifle” but “one or more handguns were also used” in the targeted attack.

They aren’t talking about a possible motive for the assassination. Police don’t have enough money to go out and look for the killers so beg them “turn yourselves in.” If they ever find them, they promise to prosecute.

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