Secret Mistress of JFK Breaks 60yr Silence

Secret Mistress of JFK Breaks 60yr Silence

Nearly sixty years after the assassination of Democrat President John F. Kennedy, a secret mistress has broken her silence to tell the world about their alleged love affair.

An 83 year old New York woman is finally speaking out about her alleged affair with JFK in an article for Air Mail, a news outlet owned by Graydon Carter, former editor of Vanity Fair.

According to Diana de Vegh, she was courted by John F. Kennedy in 1958 when she was just a 20 year old student attending Radcliffe College.

Kennedy’s alleged mistress described in detail how JFK, who was married at the time, had asked her on a date.

“In my closet, my dresses chittered and chattered, fluffing their sleeves and whisking their hems, vying for my attention,” de Vegh wrote. “As I would be vying for his attention, as soon as I saw him again.”

According to the mistress, her love affair with JFK continued for years, but he became colder as time went on. De Vegh claims that their affair ultimately ended just a year before the then-president was assassinated.

In a statement to the New York Post, de Vegh revealed her reasons for going public about the affair at this time, saying that she chose to do so in an attempt to encourage other women to speak out if they are engrossed in relationships with unequal power dynamics.

“The whole idea of conferred specialness—‘You go to bed with me, I’ll make you special’—we’ve seen a lot of that with Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, show business,” the alleged JFK mistress wrote.

Though it is a common occurrence to see women claiming, without evidence, to have had affairs with high level men, these claims from de Vegh are not completely out of the blue.

According to the news outlet People, “Though de Vegh had never spoken publicly in this way, her account of their years-long relationship didn’t arrive entirely out of the blue. Descriptions of their alleged affair were previously published in Vanity Fair editor Sally Bedell Smith’s 2004 book about the Kennedys, Grace and Power.”

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