He Tried Holding Up An Old Cowboy, Then A Karma Bomb Dropped On Him [VIDEO]


The main reason why I would never rob a store or a bank is that there are just too many variables of things that could go wrong.

Sure, you could come in with a loaded gun and demand all the money in the register and in the safe in the back.

You could do that, but there is always the variable that a thief never thinks about is the idea of what they would do if they were met by someone who doesn’t give a hoot about their fancy shooting iron.

botched robbery

Well, this theory got put to the test recently, when some punk walked into a butcher shop in Mexico and demanded all of the money.

Not only did this punk not get away with anything that would have made the risk worth it, he got hit with a cowboy-sized butt-kicking.

So, as the reports go, this thief walked into the shop and began pointing the gun at anyone who could be pointed at. Then he set his sights on a cowboy. This old fella kept his cool and was doing what one usually does when a gun is pointed at them, which is anything he was told.

Then, a stroke of luck happened when a woman walked into the store and temporarily distracted the no-good thief.

This prompted the cowboy to think, “Hell, I got one more left in me”, and pounced on the gunman and brought him straight down to the ground.

This old cowboy was strong too. I certainly wouldn’t want to have been bodyslammed by him.

The other folks who were in the store and not in the good tactical position that the old man was in proceeded to cheer like they were at a wrestling show and the bad guy was getting whipped by the good guy.

It then escalated after the old man got this young punk subdued to the point where he was dragged out of the store and then given a good stern talking to.

Yes, after he beat the snot out of the thief and dragged him out of the store, he lectured him on the street while he was wondering how many holes the blood was coming from.

I guess it just goes to show that you should never underestimate anyone, especially if you are trying to rob a joint..

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