Dem Senator Makes HUGE Mistake

Chuck Schumer Caught on Camera Discussing Trumps 'ERECTION'

Senator Schumer (D-N.Y.) is nothing more than a Democrat puppet.

Whatever the key talking points are, that is what he puts out.

He did it again this week trying to stick up for Joe Biden, and he looked like a complete fool in the process.


Regarding the spy balloons, Schumer maintains that China was humiliated, but I think he is pointing the finger in the wrong direction.

Schumer stated, “Look, I think the Chinese were humiliated.

“I think the Chinese were caught lying, and I think it’s a real it’s a real setback for them.”

Yes, I am sure China is worried about getting caught lying.

I would think that Joe Biden would be more embarrassed for allowing a spy craft to travel across the entire United States before it was shot down.

Oh, Schumer justified that as well saying that China would have gotten that intel anyway, so it was no big deal.

He also stated that the United States had gotten “enormous intelligence information from surveilling the balloon as it went over the United States.”

I am just curious exactly what intelligence we gathered by watching a balloon survey our country.

Then Schumer said something completely laughable, “I think this administration is strongly tough on China, but mindful of the fact that we can’t stop talking to them.

“We have to try to have some kind of relationship.”

Source: Fox News

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