Rogan, Musk, and Trump


Joe Rogan, in a recent podcast, discussed Twitter’s dominance as a way of communication and also a demand for competition. Throughout The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast with fellow stand-up comedian Greg Fitzsimmons, the prolific podcaster stated Twitter prohibiting previous President Donald Trump was a “terrible idea” and discussed what duty Elon Musk will have on the social media platform after purchasing 73.5 million shares valued at approximately $3 billion.

Rogan claimed he had an interest in what impact Musk– whom he called a “f *** ing wizard”– will certainly have on Twitter after buying 9% of Twitter’s supply to end up being the technology company’s biggest shareholder. Rogan pondered if Musk will certainly have input on a potential edit switch, have a say on what the social system will ban in the future, as well as whether the social networks system will “want to apply the principles of the First Amendment.”

Rogan noted that Twitter is  “pretty ruthless” regarding banning and also suspending users. Rogan articulated his criticism of Twitter completely banning then-President Trump in January 2021.

“I don’t think Twitter should have banned Trump,” Rogan said. “I think that was a terrible idea. It’s a terrible precedent to set.”

“You can’t decide that you don’t like a guy who is the f***ing sitting president of the United States at the time, and kick him off your platform because you don’t like the things he’s saying,” Rogan declared.

Rogan claimed that people who are prohibited on Twitter merely transfer to new social networks as well as make that system toxic.

“But the problem is when they’ve got these s***ty people that they’ve kicked off of these other platforms like Twitter,” he expressed. “Then they go to these other places, and they run amok and then they’re like, ‘Hey, free speech, you need free speech.’ But then they’re organizing harassment campaigns and f***ing with people and targeting them all day long and constantly commenting on them.”

Rogan stated social networks customers pestering others is “not good either” and would certainly make him not intend to check out websites where people are vicious.

However, he noted, “I think we need alternatives that adhere to free speech.”

Rogan pointed out that “there’s great value in having competitors, whether it’s to Twitter or YouTube or to any of these giant, huge companies that have a massive pipeline to the consciousness of the world.”

He claimed there are problems when enormous companies have control over that reaches disperse info on platforms with “unmatched” reach.

“There’s never been a thing like that we’re a privately owned company has the ability to get ideas out there that can change the way elections are run, to change the way so many things are thought of in this country,” he added. “I think we need alternatives.”

Last month, the UFC shade analyst slammed “woke” virtue-signaling big-tech CEOs for censorship.

(CAUTION: Explicit language)

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