Report: Joe Stuck in La La Land


While Joe Biden yucks it up with the Queen in what looks like a discount, half-built ripoff of Epcot Center for the G7, the civil unrest in America is starting once again to spiral out of control. As the temperatures around the nation rise alongside inflation, fuel, and food prices, tempers are spiking right along with them. The Democrat-socialists are rapidly losing control of the very extremists who helped their hostile takeover. In New York, in Minneapolis, in Baton Rouge, and in Dearborn, it’s all coming apart again while Joe is stuck in La La Land.

Joe Fiddles Whilst America Burns

In New York City’s Washington Square Park, Police in riot gear moved in to enforce the new curfew in effect and arrested twenty-three people amidst the violence that left eight officers injured by the rioters.

According to NY Daily News,

“Police surrounded unruly parkgoers who refused to leave the park after 10 p.m curfew Saturday. Videos posted to social media show a brawl as some some curfew defiers punched cops while officers sprayed mace and tackled suspects.

The curfew was installed for the park by local City Council members working together with local residents to curb drug dealing and drug use, police said.

Cops said the 23 people arrested included organized protesters along with regular park-goers who refused to leave. Eight police officers were injured in the fray, according to police”

Earlier the same weak the trouble was in Minneapolis, Minnesota where riots resumed following the shooting of Winston Smith by Police after he opened fire upon them. They were attempting to arrest him under suspicion of murder. What’s the worst of it? As one protestor told Unicorn Riot “I’m not gonna lie, I forgot his name”.

As reported in DeepState RabbitHole,

“The rioters intent mostly on loot struck at a Target, a CVS pharmacy, a T-Mobile store and lit fires in the streets leading to a series of arrests and a harrowing standoff between armed police and looters attempting to escape in a large white SUV.”

Meanwhile, in Cornwall, England Joe Biden met with Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Chancellor Angela Merkle, and President Emmanuel Macron among other world leaders to talk about his “Build Back Better World (B3W)” (Nothing like taking a garbage concept and making it bigger). So while Joe is whispering sweet climate change, sustainability, Critical Race Theory nothings into the collective ears of the UK and the EU, cities in America are sliding back into the same chaos that wracked our land in the summer of 2020 with no sign of the nation calming or coming back together.

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