REPORT: Here is the God Awful Thing Biden is Now Doing With Your Tax Dollars


The Biden-Harris regime are dumping your tax dollars into foreign aid for Syrian refugees… right after bombing Syria… while American citizens are unemployed and impoverished by the COVID19 panic and while our border is being overrun by illegal immigrants and unaccompanied children thanks to their insane policies. Talk about mixed messages!

The Federalist Papers reports,

“I call on you to help us address rising needs and to step up your financial and humanitarian commitments,” United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a video message.

“Syria’s economy has been ravaged and now the impacts of COVID-19 have made things worse. Almost half of all families lost their source of income. Nine in 10 Syrians is living in poverty,” he said.

When the United Nations say jump, the Biden-Harris regime says “Off of which cliff?” The US State Department at Biden’s bidding immediately threw down  $600 million and have called for the borders of the failed state to be kept wide open to “allow unhindered access and the free flow of aid, a call echoed by the EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell.”

Its a stark contradiction to President Trump’s policy of preventing travel to the United States from the failed Middle-Eastern state among others from which effective vetting of refugees has proven completely impossible due to the ravaged, near non-existent infrastructure left in the civil war-torn realm of Russian puppet Bashar Al-Assad. This is an open invitation for Islamist militants to prolifically spread throughout the Western World finding shelter, food and sustenance in the very nations that fought them and exporting their extremist ideologies to them.

Even the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross Peter Maurer seems to think the situation is getting out of hand. He urged world leaders to force the warring Syrian parties into a peace deal or face meeting back at the donation table every year. He said, “The ultimate responsibility lies with parties to the conflict,” and he’s right.

More Tax Dollars to Burn

The Biden-Harris administration just finished dumping $1.9 Trillion in spending on a supposed COVID relief package which included $11 Billion in foreign aid already, and the Democrat-Socialists are teeing up another $3 Trillion in spending already on the back of a massive tax hike to devastate the middle-class and the US Economy even further. This move, coupled with re-signing the Paris Climate Accord, the job destroying Trans-Pacific Partnership and re-joining the World Health Organization send a very clear message to the globalists and it isn’t “America is back”. It is “America is in your back pocket.”

But hey, at least you got your $1,400… right? Your tax dollars at work.

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