Chris Cuomo’s Latest MASSIVE FAILURE

Source: Youtube

Disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo is not happy.

He figured he would join upstart NewsNation and make them a player in cable news.

The exact opposite is happening and he is not happy about it.

Nobody Watching

Cuomo is a con artist and everyone knows it.

He thinks he can look into the camera and talk in a somber tone, and everyone will buy into this new image he is trying to create.

Cuomo only averaged 119,000 viewers, which does not even register on the ratings scale.

Sources have stated that now he is blaming his ratings on his lead-in programs, demanding a new time slot.

The source stated, “He’s a Cuomo.

“He doesn’t blame himself. His entire life he’s been told he’s special.

“No one is talking about his show.”

Cuomo is getting trounced by Newsmax’s Eric Bolling, who draws between 150,000 to 200,000 viewers.

Again, these are still small numbers, but Newsmax is also a small player.

An anonymous TV executive commented, “The show sucks.

“Cuomo talked for 12 minutes straight.

“He did Fetterman debate analysis with no clips illustrating his points.

“It was just him ranting.”

With those ratings, it is only a matter of time before NewsNation cuts ties.

Source: Newsmax

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