Red-States Launch Multiple F-U Bills for Biden-Harris


While the Biden-Harris regime is pushing hard to eliminate American’s Second Amendment rights ‘Red-States’ are starting to push back. The Second Amendment Preservation Act is already through the Missouri House of Representatives and reached the Senate Feb. 8th joining states like South and North Dakota. It’s an epic series of F-U moves.

More and more ‘Red-States’ are taking an escalating series of measures including federal law nullification to protect their citizens from what is supposed to the their own federal government, one that under Biden, Harris and the progressive-socialist Democrat controlled Congress has become increasingly hostile to the conservative Americans. It’s notable that a similar series of “nullification” laws preceded the Civil War of the 1860’s.

How Is Missouri Pushing Back? With the Other Red States?

According to American Military News,

“Missouri’s ability to self-govern without control by the federal government,” allowing federal gun laws to be invalidated if the state determines they violate citizens’ rights.

It would also prohibit local and state law enforcement agencies from enforcing federal laws that violate Missourian’s Second Amendment rights, and those agencies could be held liable if they attempt to enforce federal laws invalidated by the state.”

Another piece of legislation House Bill 85 seeks to eliminate limits on where individuals with concealed carry permits are allowed to bring their weapons.  The author Rep. Jared Taylor told KYTV “It should be up to the private property owner what they allow on their private property,” Taylor said. “Any of the private property locations in statute I’m removing so casinos, bars, amusement parks, churches, if it’s a private school.”

“Maybe there’s a lab that if something were to happen and a gun were to go off then there would be an explosion,” Taylor explained. “Of course, we want them to have that ability to say ‘no we don’t want you to be able to carry into those locations.’ We do give a little bit of authority back to the university to figure out some of those more sensitive locations.”

“With those concerns and concerns that we’ve had in the past with other presidents, we want to make sure that as Missourians we’re protecting that Second Amendment right.” Taylor said.


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