Thanks to Tucker Carlson’s tape release of the events that took place on January 6, the QAnon Shaman may be set free.

At the very least, his sentence should be reduced.

In the process his attorney was outed as a complete fraud.

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The QAnon Shaman, whose real name is Jacob Chansley, is doing four years for his “violent” actions on January 6.

When Tucker Carlson aired the video that followed Chansley during every second he was inside the building, it showed he was not the one that broke in, and he never threatened anyone.

Instead, he walked in through open doors, then got what more or less amounted to be a tour by the Capitol Police.

Officers were literally testing doors for him to get inside the to the Senate floor, and when they were locked, they took him on a different route.

For their efforts, the Shaman offered up a prayer for them when he was in the Senate.

His attorney, Albert Watkins, claims he did not see that evidence.

He stated, “It is really important for people to understand and appreciate the government had a lawful and uncompromisable duty to disclose all exculpable evidence.

“I have a duty to put my client in a position of knowledge of all the evidence, good and bad, and the depriving of a defendant of any evidence, good and bad, especially exculpatory evidence, [is] unforgivable, in the context of justice, vile.”

He continued, “The deficiency that was evident in the production of discovery by the government in the Chansley case was not a one and done situation. Rather, it was the tip of the iceberg.

“A wholesale, systemic failure on the part of the government with respect to discovery dissemination.”

Watkins added, “The government was very careful not to disclose, despite requirements that they do so, video footage that did not match the government’s narrative.

“There is not one federal judge who will embrace having been duped by an entire team of assistant U.S. Attorneys.”

Most of what he said, however, seem to be a lie, at least to a point.

Other legal experts chimed in stating that Watkins pushed Chansley into a plea deal before the government even had its complete case together, which is why he never saw that tape.

Tucker Carlson explains…

My understanding that is Chansley signed away his right to appeal as well as taking recourse against his attorney.

Hopefully, there is a way around that and he gets some justice here.

Charge him with trespassing, at worse, but this man clearly got the short end of the stick here.

Source: Daily Caller

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