Protesters Arrive at AG Barr’s Home…Then He Walks Right on Out and Greets Them


A group of protesters showed up at Attorney General William Barr’s house. He walked outside to give them a piece of his mind… and the horse they rode in on, then noticed all the Make America Great gear and started shaking hands. He knows that conservative Americans are upset that nobody in Obama’s administration is doing hard prison time yet, so he went out and gave the crowd as much of an update as he could.

Peaceful protesters, not a violent mob

The whole incident, which occurred Saturday afternoon in Virginia, underscores the difference between peaceful protesters and a mob of looting anarchists. Republicans showed up en masse, and they were angry, but not a single rock was thrown. Nobody even raised their voices much. They had a legitimate gripe and our Attorney General was man enough to go out and face it. Did they tear him to shreds and light the pieces on fire? No. How deplorable.

The star of the show was the white horse which the peaceful mob of conservative protesters brought with them to make a point. The group was there to demand a White Knight to come to their rescue and “lock up presidential hopeful Joe Biden.” Photos of “at least a dozen people standing alongside the horse in the street in Virginia on Saturday afternoon” are going viral.

“It’s come to this: A neighbor reports that AG William Barr’s house in McLean is being picketed by Trump supporters who believe he’s not doing enough to lock up Joe Biden,” One of the Washington Post’s top fact checkers, Glenn Kessler, writes. The photos clearly show that “the group mostly dressed in red T-shirts.” That identified the scary protesters as members of far-right “Patriot.” Of course the fact checkers will also be quick to tell you that “Patriot” is an “idea” not an organization, but everybody knows that there are thousands of “Patriot” groups scatted secretly across America.

Signs with radical slogans

The far-right protesters were well prepared for their assault on the Attorney General, coming equipped with Trump flags and banners as well as signs with such radical slogans as “Equal justice is coming” and “Biden lies matter.” Others were festooned with “Crooked Hillary” shirts. One group held a sign daringly blazoned with Bible quotes, including “They that forsake the law praise the wicked.” It was the horse that got all the attention though.

“Why is there a horse outside of Bill Barr’s house?” Daily Beast editor-at-large Molly Jong-Fast wanted to know. “How did the white horse get there and why?” Of course the reporter had to find out. According to Associated Press reporter Mike Balsamo, “Barr eventually went out to greet the group” of protesters. Barr “chatted with the folks out there, explained DOJ’s role generally in investigations and then shook hands and posed for photos with them.”

Everyone in America is holding their breath to see what happens Tuesday night. Businesses across the nation are boarding up windows in preparation for civil unrest. Unlike the peaceful protesters who were civilized enough to shake hands and take photos with the man they were there to protest to, Democrat protests have all turned violent and destructive. For some reason, progressive liberals think the only solution to unfair policies is abandon the rule of law in favor of “everyone for themselves” anarchy. The real question which will be answered by this election, if the votes ever get properly counted, is “do we have laws or don’t we?”

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  1. So Barr was not confronted by angry, hostile citizens? His picture shows him smile with pleasure. Must have already made up his mind….TO QUIT, RESIGN, and RUN AWAY!
    Apparently…..the job WAS TOO BIG FOR HIM!
    Thankfully, if that was the case…..HE”S GONE!

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