Trump Judge Issues Ruling… Former President in SHOCK


When the hush-money trial in New York first started, Donald Trump’s legal team made several requests of Judge Merchan.

The first was for Trump to be able to attend the Supreme Court hearing on presidential immunity.

The second was for Trump to be excused for the day to attend Barron Trump’s graduation.

Ruling In

As most of you already know, the first motion was denied.

However, Merchan announced this week that Trump would be able to attend the graduation.

We pretty much thought that would be the case, as Merchan would not want to give Trump something to complain about, more so than he already has.

Having said that, Merchan surely wanted to see Trump twist a bit while he made his decision.

Trump still took a veiled shot, stating, “I was looking forward to that graduation with his mother and father there.

“It looks like the judge isn’t going to allow me to escape this scam. It’s a scam trial.”

Now the question is if the media will leave the family alone during the ceremony or ruin the entire class’s graduation by turning this into a circus and making it all about Donald Trump instead of the kids.

You have to feel sorry for Barron, who has been targeted by the media in the past.

Now that he will be a high school graduate, I am sure there are some liberal journalists licking their chops to get at him.

For me, kids are off-limits until they jump into the game. When they do that, they put a target on their heads in terms of ripping them in the media.

Barron, to this point, has been as quiet as a mouse, so the media needs to stay out of his business.

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