Pro-Trump PAC Going for Biden’s Jugular

America First PAC is flipping the script on Democrats with a tactic that has served as the bread and butter for Democrats and liberal groups for years.

The group is launching a transparency database that will be a nightmare for Biden officials.

This replicates the ProPublica database called the Trump Town database when Trump was in office.

This one will be called the “Woke Wagon.”

Flipping the Script

Honestly, I am surprised it took this long for someone to do this.

Democrats and liberals have been doing this for years, and if Dems are going to do it and get away with it, fair is fair.

Gene Hamilton, on the new project, stated, “There are many, many, many, many decisions being made by political appointees in the departments and agencies all across the administration and the American people don’t even really know who these people are.

“They didn’t vote for them, they didn’t go through Senate confirmation, and so this is about ensuring that the American people can have the level of transparency and insight into who it is that’s being put into these positions of trust and making the key decisions that are being made across the Biden administration.”

Former White House adviser Stephen Miller added, “It makes it vitally important that we know who are the people that are pushing out of their networks for their professional associations?

“Who are they tied to? Where might they be trying to go in the future?”

Miller continued, You begin to see this isn’t random chaosthis is planned organized destruction.

“These policies are coming from people who believe in them, who dedicated their lives to them, whose whole histories professionally are tied up in implementation of these policies.”

The website is set to launch later this week, so get ready for the fireworks.

Source: Fox News

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